Saturday, 22 February 2020

Best Makeup for Oily Skin

Having oily skin is such a challenge when it comes to makeup and ensuring your base is going to last all day (and look good all day, too) I have tried and tested a lot of products and feel like I am at a point where I am pretty happy with my routine and have discovered some products that I now repurchase over and over that work so well for my oily skin.

I always start with a primer. I personally feel like a good primer is the key to making makeup on oily skin last throughout the day. My favourite, without a doubt, is the Soap & Glory One Heck of A Blot primer. Not only does this primer help to control oil, the mean reason I love this is because it stops makeup breaking up. If you have oily skin you will be well aware of this issue- when the oil eats through makeup, causing it to go patchy and uneven. One Heck of A Blot eliminates that issue- it keeps my makeup in place all day without is breaking up because of oil.

I also love the Elf Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer. Similar to Benefit POREfessional (but a whole lot cheaper) it is designed to disguise the appearance of large pores and create a matte, smooth base. I prefer the texture of this primer- it is smoother and doesn't "pill" on the skin (when silicone base product ball up and crumble away on the skin, something I found happened with POREfessional a lot if I used certain other products with it) It melts into the skin effortlessly and whilst doesn't disguise pores as well as POREfessional, for £8 it absolutely does the job. I tend to apply this mainly to the sides of my nose, chin and forehead to also achieve a smoother, more matte appearance.

As for base, the Garnier SkinActive BB cream is the one. It is formulated for oily/combination skin so lasts so well on the skin throughout the day. What I like most about this BB cream is that even though it is for oily skin, it doesn't have a matte, flat finish like a lot of products for oily skin do. It looks really radiant and natural without being too shiny. It lasts really well throughout the day but I do need to set it (I'll come to that) The coverage is really good- definitely on the more natural side but will even out any redness and give an overall 'good skin' look.

For concealer, I think the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer is great for oily skinned peeps out there as it is definitely more on the matte side and has a fuller coverage so tends to last really well throughout the day without breaking up or going shiny. I believe they have just brought out a new "Infinite Concealer" which is apparently specifically for oily skin so maybe I'll need to give that a go!

And to set everything down, I generously apply the Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder all over. I apply it by dunking my beauty sponge and bopping it all over. The Lock It powder is a great powder for oily skin as it is mattifying without being cakey or heavy. You can easily blot with it, as it is easy to reapply as it doesn't cake up. It is also translucent so doesn't add any extra coverage.

My final tip, involves one of my all time favourite products - Serozinc by La Roche Posay. When you have oily skin, it is easy for your skin to feel a bit... Gross by the end of the day. I find that if I am going out for drinks etc after work I am always tempted to re-do my makeup in order for my skin to feel fresh again. This tip allows you to 're-start' without actually having to re-start. All you need to do it- Start by blotting any excess oil from the skin, my favourite blotting sheets are from Soap and Glory. Then, simply sprittz Serozinc straight over your entire face. As Serozinc has zinc in it, it will absorb any excess oil from the surface of the skin, leaving you smooth and matte. Then, re-apply whatever you need to re-apply, for me, this is usually a touch up of concealer on my chin and under my eyes, maybe a top up of bronzer. And then all you need to go is re-set with your powder - and you're done! And feeling freshhhhh. This is one of my favourite tips, I do it allll the time.

Do you have any makeup recommendations for oily skin?

Thank you for reading!

Zoe xo


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