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The Body Shop Matte Lip Butters REVIEW | Zoe M

The Body Shop have a great selection of lip products. My personal favourites being the Liquid Lips. I think considering the price and how they wear, they are one of my favourite liquid lips on the high street. The Body Shop have since expanded the range and come out with "Matte Lip Butters" an interesting concept. But the idea being you don't have to sacrifice comfort in order to wear a bold, on trend lip. And the same that you don't have to give up the matte look in order to have something moisturising on the lips.

The Matte Lip Butters come in 6 shades and cost only £7 (and in UK stores are usually always on offer; either 3 for 2, buy one get one 50% off etc) So if you are familiar with the Liquid Lips from The Body Shop, you are probably wondering "What is the difference between the two?" Not going to lie- this was one of my questions, too.

The Matte Lip Butters have a higher oil content of marula oil, making them more moisturising on the lips. The Lip Butters are also 100% vegan! Where as, the original Liquid Lips have beeswax in them.

Honestly, there isn't too much of a difference between the two formulas in terms of how they feel on the lips and how they wear. The Lip Butters being vegan is a huge factor for some customers, but other than that, they are very similar! I have always said I find the original Liquid Lips very comfortable on the lips, especially since they are matte.

The shade selection, whilst currently small, is stunning. You have a selection of 5 nudes (I am missing one), with varying undertones/shades, making them very versatile for all skin tones. And there is a red. Not just any red- but one of the most gorgeous reds The Body Shop has to offer. I love it!

In terms of wear, like the original Liquid Lips, the Lip Butters tend to be very low maintenance, depending on the shade you choose (I will touch on that) if you fancy a fairly nude shade, it is simply a case of chucking it on and off you go.

If you want a bolder shade (the gorgeous red for example) you are going to need to line your lips. The red shade in the Lip Butter range specifically (015 Manhattan Marigold) needs a liner. Due to the higher oil content if you wear this on its own it will bleed slightly. Not a lot considering- but still. Bleeding, is bleeding!

The shade is beautiful as I said earlier. It is definitely more of a pinky red, rather than an orange-y red. It has a lot of blue undertones, too. I think is it stunning and the perfect colour for a bold, but simple look.

They do last really, really well but they are not transfer 100% proof. They will come off when you're eating, drinking ect and I imagine, if you accidentally knock it, it will smudge slightly (again, this is more a concern for a bold colour). The good thing is, they are so comfortable and lightweight that I don't mind needing to reapply them if I need to.

Overall, if you want an affordable, long lasting, comfortable lip colour I would 100% recommend checking out the Matte Lip Butters (and the Liquid Lips) from The Body Shop. You can't go wrong with these!

Have you tried any lip colours from The Body Shop before? What did you think of them?

Thanks for reading.

Zoe xo

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