Wednesday, 3 July 2019

30% DISCOUNT CODE | Dr Botanicals Lemon Butter and Coconut & Cocoa Mask REVIEW

I have been working with Dr Botanicals a lot recently, so I am very excited to be reviewing two of their new products with you. I also have a cheeky discount code for you guys to save an amazing 30%! Everything you need to know about that is at the end of this post. But before that, let's talk about these products..

Dr Botanicals have been knocking it out of the park recently with some amazing new launches. The first being their Lemon Superfood All-in-One Rescue Butter. This is a multi-use balm that can be used from head to toe. It is loaded with some amazing ingredients such as lemongrass oil, coconut oil, almond oil and grapeseed oil.

The Lemon Rescue Butter is designed to be used on any area of dryness- from lips to dry elbows. I was quite surprised by the texture- to be honest, products like this aren't usually for me. I tend to find them very rich (i.e greasy) and the thought of applying them makes me cringe. Anyone else have serious issues when it comes to greasy hands? Yuck. But the Lemon Rescue Butter has a particularly light texture. I was surprised at how easily it began to sink into the skin, leaving it moisturised but not greasy.

You only get 50ml, so it isn't designed to be used all over your body every day but instead, to treat particularly dry areas that need some extra TLC. I like using it on my lips before bed and also as a cuticle cream when doing an at home manicure routine (lets face it, the only kind of manicure I bother to get). The lemon scent is also lovely, without being too overpowering.

The second newbie from Dr Botanicals is their Superfood Cococa & Coconut Hydrating Mask in a handy, travel size 30ml.

I think this mask is great specifically for taking travelling. If you have a long flight, for example, this mask is your best friend. It is super easy and low maintenance to use. As the name suggests, it is for hydration. All you need to do it pop a thin layer on and leave it.

The suggested time is 10 minutes but with masks like this you can leave it on for as long as you like- all it is going to do is continue to hydrate the skin. It does begin to sink into the skin, so if you want, you can even reapply another layer onto as it sinks in, to keep your skin topped up with moisture.

Cocoa butter is great for a drier skin type. It is very nourishing and softening and locks in moisture. Coconut oil is also an amazing ingredient as it high in fatty acids and antioxidants, which helps to keep the skin healthy.

I think this mask is ideal for someone who is dry/dehydrated- You might find it a bit heavy if you lean more on the oil side, cocoa butter tends to be too rich for oily skin.

The texture is lovely, a nice light, whipped lotion. It will sink into the skin, which is what I like a nourishing mask like this to do, because technically you then don't even need to rinse it off! If you have a dry skin type, this will work so well for you.

Dr Botanicals and I have an exclusive code for my readers! You can save a massive 30% off EVERYTHING (including these two newbies) on the Dr Botanicals website. The code is: ZOE30

This code is affiliate, which just means I get a small percentage of commission, however, it does not change your shopping experience in any way other than saving you some cash! Head on over to Dr Botanicals to check out their selection of vegan, cruelty free products.

Thanks for reading!

Zoe xo

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