Monday, 10 June 2019

Honest HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit REVIEW | Zoe M

When I posted on my Instagram (@zoeem_) about ordering the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit, I was surprised by the amount of messages I got in response. "Please can you do a review?" "Let me know how you get on with this!" "I am so glad someone REAL has bought this, dying to find out your thoughts!"

I don't blame people. Even when I was doing research myself I found it difficult to find "real customer" reviews (in other words a post without AD in front, promoted by some kind of "influencer") so I suppose this is why I got the response I did.

What Is It?
HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit is designed to be used for only 10 minutes, once a day, for 6 days to achieve up to 2 shades whiter teeth with no pain or sensitivity.

In the kit you get the teeth whitening mouthpiece (yes, the one that lights up blue) and 3 syringes filled with the teeth whitening gel to be used over 6 days. You also get a shade matching chart, to identify what shade your teeth are versus what they are after the treatment is complete.

I also received a miniature toothpaste and some chewing gum free with my order, which I thought was a very nice touch, as they are both decent sizes! I was very happy with that. One thing I noticed straight away are HiSmile are on it with their customer service! They are always responding to customers online and offering help and advice at all times.

On the little shade chart, I identified my teeth as being the shade 4-5. However, I do think the colours on the chart are not great. They look very pink, making it hard to identify your true shade. I think most people would identify as I did, as either a 4-5. However, there is also quite a big jump between 4 and 5 anyway, again, making it not a true reflection. I know the chart isn't that important but I do feel like it could be done better. I have included a non edited (apart from brightening) photo of the shade chart so you can have a look and see what you think.

Onto the actual teeth whitening process...
I completely agree with the "no pain/sensitivity" claim. I do have sensitive teeth and this is what made me hold off purchasing the HiSmile teeth whitening kit for so long. I had absolutely no issues with sensitivity when using it or after using it, which is great! So if sensitivity is an issue of yours I wouldn't worry!

Okay, and now for the part you've all come here for.. The results!

HiSmile claims to make your teeth "at least 2 shades whiter".  Below is a photo of my teeth on day 1 of my teeth whitening journey with HiSmile

Below is a photo of my final results after completing the 6 days of the HiSmile treatment.

I do think there is a difference. I can see a difference, anyway. 2 shades difference? Hmm, maybe not. If the chart was a more accurate shade representation maybe I'd be able to tell.

Let's put it this way- no one said anything about my teeth being whiter, unless I asked them, in which the answer was always "Yeah, I suppose they are!" But like I said, I at no point had anyone comment to say my teeth looked whiter or anything like that.
 I noticed the difference the most in the front 4 teeth. I am happy with the results- but I am not blown away like I was expecting to be, based on all the images HiSmile promote on their Instagram pages of other "customers" results. I think if HiSmile hadn't promoted such drastic results I would not have got my hopes up so much. Like I said, overall, I am happy with my results but I did expect more (much more).

I was very impressed with the fact I did not experience any pain or sensitivity during or after using the HiSmile kit at any point. So that was a massive plus for me!

The kit costs £50. I got it when HiSmile were running a 30% off promotion on their website, which took it down to £35 (and then £2.99 shipping ontop ot that) I do not think I would pay £50 for these results. If there is a promotional discount code floating around and you do want to give it a go, I would go for it when you can save some money.

I am tempted to buy some refill gel syringes and keep the process going but they are around £20 which I am not sure if I am willing to pay. Maybe next time they run a promotion I will pick them up.

So, my overall thoughts..

Does it work? Yes.
Does it work as well as they make out on their social media? No. But I get they of course want to sell products so are going to make the results seem crazy good!
If you are tempted to buy it, should you? I would say yes- just wait and see if you can get yourself a cheeky little discount first.

Have you tried HiSmile before? What were your results?

Thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful.

Zoe xo


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