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The Best Cleansers from The Body Shop | Zoe M

I thought I would do a quick post on cleansers from The Body Shop- more specifically, the best ones. Or in my opinion anyway! I decided to do this as The Body Shop have some great cleansers that are not only great quality but also really affordable. They are also 100% cruelty free which I know is really important to a lot of you! So.. Shall we see what ones are my faves?

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil // £12

This was one of the first products from The Body Shop that I really, really fell in love with. I used the camomile cleansing oil exclusively for I would say I good couple of years. If you search back through this blog, you will find plenty posts featuring it. I love it for taking off makeup- it melts everything off so effortlessly without leaving the skin feeling tight or stripped. It also does not leave any residue once you've rinsed it off, which is an absolute must for me (and probably a lot of people, who wants a greasy face?) It lasts for ages. I use to use it every day and one bottle would last me at least 6 months. You only need 1-2 pumps to completely remove makeup. You can also use it to cleanse the skin, not ideal but it will work. It has plenty lovely seed oils that will benefit the skin, which makes it a great one if you are on a budget and want a more "multi-use" cleanser.

There is also the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter which is great for someone with more of a dry skin. It contains shea and cocoa butter, as well as beeswax so it eliminates makeup. I personally prefer the oil (hence why it is in here) but the butter is an amazing option for those with a dry skin type. It is also really travel friendly as it comes in a sleek little tin.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Oil-in-Gel Cleanser // £12

Whilst this cleanser is not a personal favourite of mine (I'll get into that), I am still going to recommend it simply because it is such great quality and value for money. The Oils of Life range as a whole is beautiful, so I am delighted they expanded the range to include this oil in gel cleanser. It contains 33% plant oils, which means it is great to get straight onto the skin. Whilst you can absolutely use this to remove makeup, it is best to save it for actually cleansing your skin. It has a lovely balmy texture that breaks into an oil once massaged onto the skin. I personally find it a tad too heavy for my more oily skin, but if you have a normal or dry skin type this is an amazing cleanser. Again, it is only £12 and will last you a really good amount of time as you only need a pea sized amount.

The Body Shop Aloe Vera Cream Cleanser // £8

This is by far the most universally suiting in my opinion. I don't think anyone would dislike this as it is so simply and just... nice. My skin isnt particularly sensitive to products but I still love this because it just does not "mess" with your skin. It is simple and gentle and gets the job done. It is also very cooling and refreshing on the skin. I use this primarily as a second cleanse and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and calm. I think this is a great product for anyone to have in their routine or just to have on hand in case your skin has one of those "Nope, I have had enough" moments and you need to strip everything back and simplify. This is the ultimate cleanser for that!

Have you tried any of these cleansers before? Or have any other recommendations? Let me know!

Thanks for reading.

Zoe xo

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