Monday, 21 January 2019

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Face Wash REVIEW | Zoe Major

If you have oily, problematic, blemish prone skin The Body Shop have just released a product that will solve many of your skincare needs in one go- the Himalayan Charcoal Face Wash 

I am already a fan of The Body Shop's Himalayan Charcoal MASK (clicky here) as it is great, affordable and most importantly, it works. I recommend it all the time and talk about it on my blog and Instagram far too often. So, as you can imagine I was pretty excited to see them expanding the range! And what better place to start than with a face wash. It comes in at only £9.50, which I think is a really reasonable price!

Who is it for?
Id recommend the Charcoal Face Wash for someone who has more of an oily skin type and/or someone who struggles with blemishes. It would also be great for someone who has congestion/blackheads or find their skin feeling just a bit.. Blegh. You know what I mean right? I would also say it is a great product for teenagers who are starting a skincare routine and have the described skin type or concerns. 

Despite being excited I was also a bit hesitant- Charcoal face washes can easily cross the line and ultimately end up drying the skin out or stripping it of its natural oils if used too often or the ingredients are simply too harsh. The key ingredients in this face wash are tea tree, charcoal and kaolin clay. So, whilst having some powerful ingredients in there, which is what is going to help eliminate dirt/oil/bacteria, it is also balanced with some more moisturising ingredients such as glycerin and also aloe vera which is great for soothing the skin. I would always follow this up with something light and hydrating to avoid drying the skin out. 

I love the texture of this product! You can definitely feel the clay in there, without it being thick or dragging on the skin. It is an unusual texture that is unlike anything I have used before. Like I said, you can tell there is clay in it but it is also in a gel like texture that makes it light on the skin. 

When applying this product, you need water. Whether that is starting with a wet face or applying it and then going in with wet finger tips to massage. Without water, it starts to almost set on the skin (due to the high clay content) and seeing as this is a wash, you want to be able to move it around the skin, ensuring it is covering all areas! I like how it feels on application- it is light and easy to move around the skin. It also foams up slightly the more water you add to it (don't worry- there no SLS on the Ingredients list!) which I know a lot of people like. I can be removed easily with a flannel. I always find clay based products take a little bit more time to remove, but this is still very easy considering it is clay based.

I am so impressed with this product. Despite liking the initial application/texture etc, the proof is in the results. Immediately after, I was particularly interested to see how my skin felt. I have oily skin but it is also quite dehydrated, so washes like this can very easily leave my skin feeling stripped and tight. I was pleasantly surprised when after removing this, my skin felt great. There was no initial tightness or discomfort at all! I went ahead and followed up with my regular routine and my skin felt amazing. I was so happy that it didn't strip it and leave it feeling tight, which can happen so easily. Another thing I noticed straight away is how soft my skin felt, which was a nice surprise! 
The next morning, I did noticed a difference in my skin. Particularly in some active blemishes on my forehead. Not only were they visibly less red/angry looking they had considerably reduced in size. How amazing is that!

Final Thoughts
As you can probably tell by this review, I really like this product! If you are on a budget and want a high quality, effective face wash you need to look into this. I was so impressed with not only the initial results but the more long term effects of this product as it actively reduced my blemishes. I think this product is great for anyone, of any age but particularly someone who is younger and struggles with oily/blemished skin as it is a product they can trust and it will work! 

Have you tried the Himalayan Charcoal Face Wash from The Body Shop? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Zoe xo 


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