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PIXI Beauty x Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse REVIEW | Zoe Major


- Suitable for all skin types.
Obviously I cannot say for sure that it wouldn't piss your skin off, however, it is such a simple/gentle product that I think most of us would be very safe.

- Cream cleanser is LOVELY.
I have never been much of a cream cleanser kind of gal. Give me an oil or a balm any day, but cream cleansers.. Nah. I always found them a bit boring to be honest. And whilst, yes, this might be boring it leaves my skin feeling amazing. It has a very comforting feel when applied, is that weird? Like I can feel it soothing and calming as I massage it over my skin. It would always leave my skin feeling soft and it never felt tight afterwards.

- Does not mess with your skin!
This is what I liked most. This product is so simple and so fuss free that it is just the perfect cleanser for someone who doesn't want to "mess" with their skin, or is scared of "throwing their PH off" or getting spots.. It basically just leaves your skin clean and happy, and that is it! I found my skin was far more balanced when I was using this. I was getting far less oily, which then helped reduced congestion. It is nice to know that your skin is just "happy", you know?

Yup. I trust it. I trust it so much because it has Caroline Hirons name slapped on it and I KNOW how much research and love has been put into this product. I would have no worries at all picking up anything with Caroline's name on it because I know it is going to be amazing quality, with great ingredients. This is absolutely the case with Double Cleanse. I didn't even check the ingredients list because I knew it wouldn't have any "nasties" in it.


- The price?
I bought my double cleanse when it was 1/3 off in Boots, making it a reasonable £16 (if my maths is correct..) Id be happy to pay that, however, would I rebuy at the full RRP of £24? Hmmm... I am really not sure. I know I have other cleansers that I like and that is probably what it stopping me. If my skin was really fussy and this was the first thing in ages that had properly worked for me, £24 is worth it. I understand and appreciate all the research and hard work that has gone into it, I just think the £24 price point is a bit high for me.

- Not great for stubborn mascara!
I do not wear waterproof mascara, yet I found this cleanser still struggled. I ended up getting into the habit of removing my mascara before using this cleanser as I knew it just didn't cut it. It would have 0 chance against a waterproof or just stubborn mascara! I usually use Maybelline Sensational or L'oreal Paradise, both of which come of easily with a cotton pad and micellar water, so I am not sure why Double Cleanse struggled so much with it.

- I whizzed through it!
I don't know about you.. But I went through this A LOT quicker than I usually go through cleansers. I was running desperately low about after about 3 weeks (if that) which was another point that made me a bit sour on the £24 price tag. I don't overuse either. If anything, I was being tight with it as I could feel it going down quickly. I have oil/balm cleansers that go strong for a good few months (The Body Shop Camomile Cleaning Oil- I am looking at you! 6 months in and there is still loads left!) so I was a bit disappointed to see this disappear so quickly.

Overall Thoughts/Opinion

Overall, I really loved this cleanser. I love how suitable it is for all skin types and of course how well it personally worked for me. The price is the only thing stopping me from re-purchasing. Lets put it this way.. If Pixi came out with just the cream cleanser on it's own, I would be allllll over it! I wasn't overly keen on the balm- Don't get me wrong, it was nice! It worked, it didn't upset my skin or anything, but I have used better. I would recommend it! I know that defeats the whole point of "double cleanse" but I would love to see them separately. I have told several people how much I have enjoyed it and I would recommend giving it a go, maybe just wait until that 1/3 offer in Boots rolls around again...

Have you tried Double Cleanse before? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

Zoe xo

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