Sunday, 20 January 2019

NEW Nip + Fab Mask REVIEW | Zoe Major

I was so excited when I came across a couple new releases from Nip + Fab. I have tried various different products from Nip + Fab, a few of which have ended up being firm favourites in my collection for a long time (their glycolic pads are GREAT) so I was up for trying something new from them.

I went with 2 masks (who doesn't love a mask); the Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask and the Dragons Blood Hydrating Jelly Mask. Both of which were on a half price offer, making them a very reasonable £6.95 each.

I was initially interested in the Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask as I love an acid treatment for my skin.
DISCLAIMER: As some of you may know, I personally took a strange reaction to this mask. My skin was bright red when I took this mask off. This lasted for around 2 hours before my skin calmed down. My skin did not feel hot, nor did it burn or even tingle when the mask was on, which is why I was so shocked when I took the mask off and my skin was so red. Despite this I still want to give my thoughts and review but please know, I will not be using this mask again as I don't want my face to fall off, thanks.

So despite my reaction, this mask worked really well. It definitely left my skin feeling a lot smoother and very soft by helping to exfoliate and remove any texture. It also was very mild feeling on the skin when it was applied, considering how much glycolic acid is in this mask, there was little to no tingling/stinging on the skin- again, this may just be the case for my skin but I thought it was worth mentioning as I know the tingle/stinging of a glycolic mask puts a lot of people off. Needless to say, I would patch test this before whacking it all over your face like I did. Lol. It also removed really nicely with a flannel, leaving no residue or stickyness behind.

Now onto the Dragons Blood Fix Jelly Mask. Again, this instantly appealed to me as I love hydrating masks (my favourite being The Body Shop British Rose mask, for the record) I just find them so quick and easy to use, as well as being super effective in instantly plumping the skin full of hydration. The Dragons Blood Fix mask claims to do pretty much that- intense hydration, whilst soothing with aloe vera, blah de blah. I liked it! Don't get me wrong- but I have tried better hydrating masks before (TBS British Rose)
What makes me say that is when I took it off, my skin almost immediately started to feel tight again due to my dehydration and after spending the last 20 minutes with my face coated in a mask that is meant to stop that, I wasn't too impressed. It also has a very strong perfumed scent to it, which isn't ideal and started to give me a bit of a headache after a while. For £7, which keep in mind is the half price figure, I'd be like "Yeah, it is a good one to try if you are on a budget" but it is originally £15 and for that I am giving it a thumbs down. Go to The Body Shop and get the British Rose mask for £17 and thank me later.

So, a bit of a sad one today unfortunately! Id love to know if any of you have tried either or these masks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

Zoe xo

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