Monday, 15 October 2018

Dr Botanicals 20% Discount Code + REVIEW / Zoe M

Dr Botanicals very kindly reached out and asked if I wanted to try some of their skincare products. Being the skincare lover that I am I was so excited for the opportunity and went ahead and picked out a couple masks (of course) to try.

I went for the Pomergranate Sleeping Mask (£12) This mask is loaded with antioxidants and ingredients to help hydrate and restore the skin. Despite being a sleeping mask, I haven't actually slept in it... I like to use it when my skin needs a serious boost of hydration. It is great to pop on when you're having a chilled, at home day as you can leave it on the skin for several hours or until it has almost sunk in completely. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and plump. It is the perfect mask to use at this time of year when the weather starts to get the better of your skin by drying it out or causing it to become dehydrated. I love the sample sizes as well. You get 30ml of product which will give you plenty of applications!

I also had to go for a charcoal mask... Duh! I love a charcoal mask, anything that promises to cleanse and purify the skin I am all for. What I found interesting about the Mattifing Charcoal Mask from Dr Botanicals is it also contains loads of lovely nourishing ingredients- such as shea butter. I found it no where near as drying as a lot of other charcoal masks I have tried. It left my skin feeling cleansed, but nothing crazy. My skin felt very smooth and soft after- I liked it! I wouldn't recommend it if you want something hardcore, I've got a whole post dedicated to those kinds of masks here. But if you want something gentle but still "detoxing" then I'd suggest giving this a go!

The ingredients lists of these 2 masks are great. There are so many great, naturally sourced ingredients in there that have so many benefits to the skin. I was so impressed!

*The best part is Dr Botanicals have very kindly provided me with a 20% off code for you guys! The code ZOE20 will give you 20% off anything on the Dr Botanicals website.

Dr Botanicals is a great brand to look into if you are all about ethical branding. They are a 100% vegan, cruelty free company. They are PETA approved and their ingredients are 100% naturally sourced. How amazing is that?

Have you tried anything from Dr Botanicals before?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review!

Zoe xo

*DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored or paid post. The 2 products by Dr Botanicals mentioned in this post were gifted to me by the brand. If you use my code I receive a small percentage of commission. Link to website is NOT affiliated, only the code earns me any commission.