Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Body Shop Body Yogurts REVIEW

The Body Shop have launched their new Body Yogurts for Summer. A new lightweight but nourishing body moisturiser in 5 different scents.

I will start by saying the texture of these are by far their biggest selling point. If you are super lazy when it comes to body care (like I am- give me an hour to potter away with skincare on my face and I'll be happy, but bodycare? Nah.) you will love these. They claim to absorb in 15 seconds.. And I would say they're pretty bang on with that.You can apply the body yogurt to your legs, move on to your arms and by the time you've done that, the product has absorbed on your legs and you can whack your clothes straight on.
Hyaluronic acid is one of the key ingredients, which we are starting to see creep into the bodycare world a lot more now. I love hyaluronic acid as an ingredient because it tends to mean the product has a lightweight but really easily absorbed texture. The body yogurts also have organic almond milk, which is what provides the hydration.

When first applied, I do find the body yogurts to be a little bit sticky. I put this down to the hyaluronic acid. It does, however, disappear after a short while and absorbs fully into the skin. My personal favourite is strawberry as the scent is really strong and sweet! If you prefer something more subtle, the almond milk is a great option too.

If you have super, super dry skin- you might find the Body Butters are more beneficial for you, as they are really rich and nourishing on the skin. However, for someone who has fairly normal/dry skin and wants something really quick and easy to throw on, the yogurts will suit you fine. The Body Butters are also great to use just at night too! If you still want that rich texture but can't be bothered waiting around for it to sink it, just whack it on at night and your problem is solved!

Coming in at only £8.50 for 200ml I think the Body Yogurts are great value. The pot is far smaller than the likes of the standard body butters (which are also 200ml but £15) as it is shorter and more compact, making it perfect for taking away on holiday. 

Have you tried the new Body Yogurts from The Body Shop yet?

Thanks for reading.

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