Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisturiser REVIEW

Having oily/combination skin means finding a lightweight, easily absorbed moisturiser is key. If it doesn't disappear in seconds, it ain't for me! So, I was very intrigued when The Body Shop released their new Vitamin E Gel moisturiser. It promises to give 48 hours of hydration, whilst being non-greasy and fast absorbing. The label says it is for "normal/combination" skin types, however, if you are full on oily, I'd still recommend this.
The texture is lovely- it is very lightweight and quite silky on the skin. I imagine this is down to the silicone that is in it, yet it doesn't feel too slippery like a lot of moisturisers with silicones can feel. It does what it says on the tin basically- It is indeed very lightweight and does sink in really easily to the skin, leaving a really smooth, fresh feeling on the skin. 

It is also oil free. The Body Shop have added raspberry extract to this product, which is how they get the source of antioxidant vitamin e whilst still allowing it to be oil free, which I think is super interesting. I highly suggest this for someone with dehydrated skin- or someone with oily skin that wants something lightweight but is still going to moisturise and hydrate without being heavy at all. I always use a serum before moisturiser, which is what I’d suggest doing if you are really dehydrated (if you want to stick to TBS their Drops of Youth serum works really well under this) as it helps to sort out the bulk of hydration lost in the skin. The Vitamin E Gel moisturiser then keeps everything fresh and hydrated on top. 

Have you tried the new Vitamin E Gel moisturiser yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

Zoe xo 


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