Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation REVIEW

The Body Shop Fresh Nude foundation has been my go-to, everyday foundation for probably about a year now, so I thought it was about time I wrote a proper review on it. It appeared in my 2017 Top 5 Products, as well as various other posts- so a full dedicated review is long overdue! I'll start by saying I never expected to love the Fresh Nude foundation as much as I do now. I honestly think this is such a great foundation for all skin types, especially if you want something you can wear everyday that makes you skin look and feel great, without being heavy or too much for an everyday base.
You're going to get a light to medium, buildable coverage out of the Fresh Nude foundation, which suits me just fine. I apply one layer to start, blend it out with a damp beauty blender, then go in with a second layer if I need it/want extra coverage. It evens out the skin so nicely, covering any redness and uneven skin tone without ever looking cakey or heavy at all. That is what I love about this foundation, it just makes you look like you have good skin- not "good foundation". It looks so natural and pretty. So, if you're looking for a super full coverage foundation you're not going to find it with Fresh Nude, however, if you want a healthy looking, naturally radiant base- you've found it.

I always apply my Fresh Nude Foundation with a damp beauty sponge. I find this gives the most natural coverage and blends out the foundation beautifully. Fresh Nude is really to work with, I never find it difficult to blend. It is also really buildable on the skin when used with a damp sponge, everything meshes together really seamlessly giving the skin a really natural, healthy look.

The Body Shop describe Fresh Nude as a "semi-matte" finish. I would say the finish is more down to your skin type. On me, it definitely leans more on the dewy side, purely because I have oily skin. I always set Fresh Nude down with a generous helping of translucent powder, just to stop everything getting too dewy. If you had a dry skin, Fresh Nude would probably give that "semi-matte" finish. I would safely say it will look very natural and pretty on all skin types, though.

I love how the Fresh Nude foundation wears throughout the day. I find it is one of those foundations that almost looks better as the day goes on. I have oily skin and as my natural oils come through, I get a more dewy look.
I wear the Fresh Nude foundation on an everyday basis as the coverage and finish is perfect for me. I also wear it on nights out (usually with a little more concealer) and find it holds up so well. It never separates or goes patchy on my skin, like I said, I actually find it looks better as the day goes on. I have re-set it with powder at the end of a work day if I am then going out to dinner or something and it sets back down beautifully, again, never looking cakey or heavy.

Have you tried the Fresh Nude Foundation from The Body Shop? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

Zoe xo

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