Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Body Shop Bouncy Eye Mask REVIEW

For me, an eye cream has to do 2 things; be super hydrating and feel nice. Basically. When I saw The Body Shop were expanding their Drops of Youth range to include the Bouncy Eye Mask* I was very excited. I have previously used (and loved) their Bouncy Sleeping Mask, which is a mask you pop on all over the skin, and sleep in. In the morning your skin feels ah-maze-ing. I have a full review of the Bouncy Sleeping Mask I wrote a couple years ago when it first launched, have a look at that if you want full details!

Knowing the results I get from the Bouncy Sleeping Mask made me even more excited for the Bouncy Eye Mask. If it made my skin feel as plump and hydrated as the Bouncy Sleeping Mask, count me in!

The Body Shop suggest you can use the Bouncy Eye Mask in two different ways. The first being as your everyday eye cream. You take a small amount and pat it under and around the eye as you would a normal day cream. The second way is to take a more generous amount and swipe it under the eye before bed, leave it on as you sleep as a mask.

The texture is like a lot of the Drops of Youth range- a very lightweight gel. I love this kind of texture when it comes to skincare products because they usually sink in so quickly to the skin, yet are always super hydrating! The Bouncy Eye Mask is no exception.

I personally prefer to use it as a mask for at night. I find the texture can be a little bit too heavy for wearing during the day, especially if you are going to apply makeup etc over top. The Body Shop do have their Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate which I love as a day time option. It sinks in quicker than the Bouncy Eye Mask and leaves no residue, whilst also smoothing and prepping the skin for makeup.

As a mask at night, the Bouncy Eye Mask works a dream. I love applying a slightly more generous amount and lightly massaging it under and around my eyes. It feels really cooling and soothing on application and I find it great for de-puffing the skin too, especially if you take the time to lightly massage the product in, like I do.

In the morning I notice an instant different in the texture of my skin. My undereyes can get super dry and dehydrated, which means my concealer can look cakey and dry. The Bouncy Eye Mask instantly softens and hydrated my undereyes, leaving them looking so smooth and ready for makeup. I love how light the product is whilst still managing to be super hydrating. My eyes felt very refreshed in the morning as well as hydrated and plumped.

If dehydration under the eyes is a concern of yours I would highly suggest checking out the Bouncy Eye Mask from The Body Shop. I can safely say I saw results almost instantly. It also did not cause any irritation under or around my eyes, if anything it is actually great for soothing the skin (I might even pop it in the fridge for an extra cooling mask experience!)

Will you be trying The Body Shop Bouncy Eye Mask? Let me know in the comments below.

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Zoe x

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  1. This sounds amazing for under the eyes and the consistency sounds really interesting!

    1. It is so lovely! I highly recommend it :)

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