Friday, 26 January 2018

January 2018 Beauty Favourites

The Body Shop Bouncy Youth Eye Mask // £18*
I wrote a full review on this guy back at the start of the month and I have continued to love it. If you want an eye cream that provides hydration and moisture to under the eyes, whilst being super light and easily absorbed then I would look into the Bouncy Eye Mask. I use it mainly as a night time under eye "mask" and found it has helped massively with dehydration. My makeup always applies better the next day too, I find it applies more evenly and stays smoother throughout the day.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant // £55
I hate that I am talking about this, simply because it costs £55. Yes, £55. I am sorry! However, I will start by saying I was sent this product and despite how much I like it I will not be parting with £55 to repurchase it.
Superfoliant is a powder exfoliant that you mix with water to create a paste. It gives a light physical exfoliation (using rice extract) whilst also having an AHA component to it, too. I like how this leaves my skin feeling. Super smooth and fresh! I'd say it was gentle enough to use a few times a week, I'd say it would be a good product to start using as an introduction to AHA's as it isn't a straight liquid exfoliator, so it is far less intimidating for a first time AHA user.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution // £7
Surprise, surprise.. Another product from The Ordinary that I love. It's the Glycolic Acid toners turn to be fussed over. I love an acid toner and this one is no different (Apart from the fact it is a fraction of the price and a total nightmare to get hold of) I love it- leaves my skin feeling super smooth, whilst adding a lovely radiant glow. A must have for acid toner lovers!

George Ezra "Paradise" Single // Priceless cause it's so f*cking gooood.
Ah, I am sooo happy that George Ezra is officially back on the music scene. I've been waiting for a good two years for a new album and my wishes have finally been answered as he announced his new album will drop on March 23rd. Until then, I have his new single "Paradise" to listen to on repeat. A super catchy, upbeat number that instantly puts a smile on my face. I'd say it was almost impossible to listen to this and not have it lift your mood. I am so into it and can't wait to hear the rest of the album in March! Also- Planning to see the main man in Edinburgh at the end of March when he is on tour. It can't get much better than that really!

What were your favourites for January? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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