Monday, 8 January 2018

Basic Invite | #AD

When Basic Invite asked me to work with them I was delighted as I loved their approach to custom invites and cards. I immediately went on the website and was blown away by the endless options they had to offer. Whether it is a birthday party, BBQ, anniversary, engagement- you name it and Basic Invite will have a invitation waiting for you to truly customize to suit you!

I was given the opportunity to customize 6 invites of my choice. When I say customize, I do not mean simply change a colour or font here and there- Basic Invite allow you to customize pretty much anything on your invites. From colour, font, text size/position, boarder sizes etc etc.. It goes on and on! And of course, your envelope in which your invites come in are customizable too! I was able to change the colour of mine to match the colour theme of my invite perfectly. Basic Invite over 180 colour options so you will always be able to find a colour that suits what you are going for.

I loved a lot of the Invite designs already on there but with the level of customization I was able to change it to suit exactly what I was looking for. The website offers a live preview of your changes as and when you make them, so there is no waiting around or guessing how something is going to look- everything happens as you make the changes, which I loved! It made the process a lot easier and saved time, too.

Talking about the actual designs of the invites, Basic Invite have so much variety. You can choose something really simplistic and classic or go for something more colourful and fun! I was able to choose a couple various designs- as an example of one of the more elegant invitations I chose this beautiful New Years party design. I loved the silver colouring and the overall simplistic yet eye catching design. Basic Invite also offer to have your invites to be printed in a foil font, which looks exceptionally beautiful and is available in gold, silver and rose gold- Perfect for adding that extra special touch to your invites! This feature is lovely for invitations for a holiday party as the foiling looks very festive.

An example of one of the more fun and playful invites is this lovely Valentines design. Originally printed to be used as an invite to a party for friends but using the customizing options I was able to re-create it into a personalized invite, individually inviting my boyfriend for a romantic dinner in a cute and playful way. I love it!

The colour previews on the website are very accurate. My invitations arrived looking exactly how they previewed on the website. The colours are bold and pigmented and the over all invitations are of an amazing quality.

When you have customized your invites to exactly how you want them, Basic Invite offer an amazing service where you can order a sample of your invite and have it sent right to your door so you are able to see the invite in real life before committing to ordering! I love this service and it is something I have never seen offered on any other site.

Basic Invite also offer a variety of other products- one of my favourites being these beautiful business cards. Again, I was so impressed with the amount of designs already available to choose from and was very easy able to customize my business card to exactly how I like it. I also loved the thank you cards and the RSVP cards.

With the business cards I love how you can change them to truly reflect your branding and image. I went for this pretty, watercolour floral print. I thought it represented my branding well as I was able to alter the colours to reflect the pastel, watercolour theme that matches my blog design. This is something I have never been able to do before but thanks to the endless levels of customizing you can do with Basic Invite I was able to create my perfect card.

Thank you to Basic Invite for working with me on this post! I highly recommend you hop over to Basic Invite and check them out yourself.

Thanks for reading!

Zoe x

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