Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Body Shop Shine Liquid Lip Review (and Swatches)

The launch of The Body Shop's matte liquid lips, for me, was one of my favourite new releases from The Body Shop of the whole of last year. This year, they have come out with a whole new liquid lip- with a shine.

The Liquid Lip Shines come in 6 shades, varying from practically clear to a juicy cherry red. Like their matte liquid lip sisters, they are only £6, which I think is a fantastic price point!
The shade range, even though small, offers a great variety.

(Colours listed as shown in photos- Left to right)

Sugar Glaze 001 - A cool toned baby pink, with a irridecant shimmer running through it. On the lips, it gives very little colour pay off, so would look good over another lip colour or on it's own for a hint of colour and shine.

Strawberry Bonbon 002 - Is a pretty bubblegm pink. Again, quite sheer in pigment but is visible on the lips.

Apple Taffy 006 - My favourite shade by far! A gorgeous, mauvey nude shade. It has considerably more pigment than the first two shades but not too much that it stops you wearing it on top of a lipstick.

Orange Lollipop 003 - This is your peachy shade of the bunch. No where near as bright on the lips as it looks in the tube. It comes out quite sheer, just giving a hint of colour.

Watermelon Fizz 005 - This is where you start to get some pigment. This shade is gorgeous! It makes your lips look super juicy and glossy. I love the translucent colour it leaves on the lips. An effortless way to incorporate colour into your look.

Cherry Gum 004 - This guy is pigmented! One swipe gives full, opaque, glossy colour. This shade on it's own will give you full colour, there is no need to layer up another lipstick underneath.

Needless to say if you love a good glossy lip, look no further than the Liquid Lip shines from The Body Shop. They are really high shine, which makes your lips look instantly fuller and more plump. Enriched with argan, jojoba and marula oil to ensure they glide effortlessly over the lips, whilst also feeling so nourishing and comfortable to wear. They are not sticky. The oil base provides a good slip to the product, rather than a stick.

On their own, they do wear of quite quickly but they are so low maintenance and easy to apply that it doesn't really bother me. They also reapply well, they stay thin and comfortable rather than bunching up and getting messy.

I like the shape of the applicator, it makes applying the liquid lip really easy. It fits the lips well and applies the product in an even layer over the lips.

I thought I would do a quick comparison of the Matte Liquid Lip from The Body Shop and the Liquid Lip Shines. I have seen a few reviews saying that the matte liquid lip comes off quite shiney, which I completely disagree with- especially if you see them compared to the Liquid Lip Shines.

In the photo above I have compared shade Cherry Gum in the Liquid Lip Shine (right) and shade Sydney Amaryllis in the Matte Liquid Lip (left). You can see the difference straight away. Even thought the shade is very similar, the finish and consistency is completely different. 

The matte liquid lips offer a completely opaque colour pay off, this is consistent throughout all shades in the range. They have a whipped, mousse like texture that applies smoothly over the lips. They also, of course, have a completely matte finish to them.

The Liquid Lip shines have a variety of different colour pay off, from sheer/medium/full pigment. he texture is a smooth, glossy balm, that stays "wet" feeling on the lips. And the finish is high shine. 

Have you tried the Liquid Lip Shines from The Body Shop? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading.

Zoe x 

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