Sunday, 3 September 2017

August 2017 Beauty Favourites

The Body Shop Makeup Setting Spray £8
I'll start by saying I do not think this setting spray will be for everyone- simply because it literally soaks your face. Not into that? Move right along. I, however, love it. It gives an intense spritz but this results in what I can only describe as dewy, goddess like skin. It does not disturb your freshly beat face, nor will it smudge or move your mascara/liner/eyeshadow. I love it. The bottle is tiny, a mere 60ml, which means I go through it quite quickly but it comes in a £8, which is bearable.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% Treatment £6

Ah, how have I gone this long without talking about this product. If you struggle with congested, bumpy skin get your butt onto ASOS right now and throw this in your basket. It comes in a £6- SIX BLOODY POUNDS- and works miracles. Congestion is something I have always struggled with. I use (and still love) Effaclar Duo, which works great for getting rid of blemishes/stops them forming in the first place but I still found I was struggling with congestion around my chin and sometimes my nose. My chin always felt gritty- literally like sand- and my nose would have texture due to blackheads. Since using this little wonder though.. Congestion is a thing of the past! It completely smoothed out my skin! Not only that- it always makes my skin feel really plump and supple and the effects last for days after using it.

Topshop Smoke Stick in Trickster £6.50 

This is the ultimate "lazy girl" eye makeup. Not only is is so quick and easy to use, it instantly gives that effortless smoky look to the eyes. I take it, scribble it all over my lid (be as messy as you like), then take a MAC 217 and buff out the edges. I take it all the way under the eye if I want a slightly more smoky/grungy look and it works so well. It takes literally about a minute to do and looks effortlessly good. The colour is gorgeous- a coppery, bronze with a pretty shimmer. You can blend it out for a more subtle look or layer it up to achieve a bold colour. Love it- I will be checking out some of the other shades Topshop have to offer in this.

Topshop Highlight in Crescent Moon £12

I dug out this highlighter from Topshop when I was having a clear out. I got it a couple years ago now (ahem) and forgot how gorgeous it was. I picks up the most lovely duo-chrome effect.It has a warm golden yellow base, that flashes a pretty pink undertone in certain light. It is a little bit bolder than your everyday highlight but it is gorgeous. I wore it to a festival I recently went to in Budapest (along with a face full of glitter paint) and it really added to the whole "festival makeup" trend.

What are your beauty favourites for August? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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