Friday, 10 June 2016

Summer Holiday Travel Essentials

After this post, you won't be hearing for me for a couple weeks as I am away on my Summer holidays! Yaaay. I am going to Rome and France. I haven't been away on holiday in years, so I am excited to share with you my summer holiday beauty essentials that I will be taking away with me this year. Obviously, I am taking 108363526 other beauty products away but these are just the ones I feel will come in particularly handy on holiday.

Peppermint Foot Spray from The Body Shop // £6
If you're going on a holiday where you will be doing a lot of walking (for example, I am off to Rome. Lots of sight seeing to be had) the Peppermint Foot spray from The Body Shop will be a live saver! This light, non greasy spray is perfect spritzing on sore, tired feet throughout the day for a super refreshing boost. It is also great if your feet get a bit.. Ahem.. Stinky being stuck in sandals all day.

Vitamin E Facial Mist from The Body Shop // £9.50
Sticking to sprays, although this one is for your face, The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist will be taking pride of place in not only my hand luggage but in my day bag on holiday, too. I love this mist! It is perfect for travelling on planes as it re-hydrates the skin instantly but it also super light on the skin. Whilst being lovely and hydrating, it is also very cooling, making it  great for when you get a bit hot sitting out by the pool or walking around in the sun.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Protective Oil SPF 30 // £7.50 
This is the SPF I will be using for sitting out by the pool. It is a light, dry oil that sinks into the skin very easily and doesn't feel too oily or sticky on the skin. This product is fantastic. It makes you tan. It stops your skin burning or going red, it makes your skin instantly bronzed. I don't know how it does it, but I love it. I love it because I know I am protecting my skin from harmful UV rays but I am still able to get a bit of a glow. It just instantly makes your skin looked tanned and glowing, rather than red from just coming out of the sun. It is a great product!

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection SPF 50 Essence // £20 
I wrote a full review on this SPF here that you can check out, so it is no surprise it is in my Holiday essentials. This SPF is so incredibly light weight on the skin. It is "cream to water" consistency and I agree with that completely. It instantly disappears on the skin, you can not feel any residue on the skin, it doesn't feel heavy or greasy. This really is the ideal SPF for anyone but especially those with oily skin, like myself, just because it is so lightweight. It is also broad-spectrum, which means it protects from both UVA and UVB rays which is super important when looking for an SPF.

Clarins Instant Concealer // £22
This Clarins concealer is the perfect Summer holiday companion for when you don't want to be wearing a lot of makeup but still want some coverage. The Clarins Instant concealer covers imperfections, redness, blemishes etc flawlessly without being heavy or cakey on the skin. In fact, it practically disappears to give a super natural finish. I just take this on a Real Techniques Setting Brush a buff it around my face, focusing mainly on the center of my face where I get the most redness (around the nose, cheeks etc..) It evens out the skin nicely but never looks or feels heavy.

What are your holiday essentials? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Zoe x

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