Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Anastasia Sun Dipped Glow Kit Review and Swatches

So, along with the Modern Renaissance palette, I may have also purchased the Anastasia Glow Kit in Sun Dipped too.
At first, I was not interested in the Anastasia Glow Kits. Like, at all. I found the shade choices a bit too pinky toned or icy for my personal taste and I was having a love affair with BECCA Champagne Pop at the time, anyway. Then.. Sun Dipped hit the shelves and I caved. The more golden/yellowy/bronze palette was far more up my street so I bought it. And before I bought it, I was stalking every picture on Instagram, every website that stocked ABH waiting for its release. I was excited, okay?

Sun Dipped is far more golden/yellow in tone, to give a more golden, bronzed look to the skin. Despite thinking it looked absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, as someone who is more on the pale side, I was worried about the shades being too dark for my skin tone. I knew I would be coming back from Rome with a tan, but I was still hesitant as to how the shades would look.

Like all the Glow Kits you get 4 shades. And I have to say, I am super impressed with the variety you get in here.
(Oh, just as a side note: Please excuse my finger marks in the powders. I broke the blogger rule and stuck my fingers straight into this before I took pictures. I did not think they would show up so obviously in the photos, oops!)

Bronzed is pretty dark. In fact, there is no way I will be able to use this as a highlight. Maybe, dusted around the outside of my face with a fluffy powder brush to give a bronze tint, but no way as a highlight. The shade itself is absolutely stunning and can definitely be used for other things, such as eyeshadow, which I am super excited to try out. If you have a deeper skintone, this will look stunning on you.

Summer is so up my street. A pretty, yellow/gold based highlight. Yes, please. It reminds me of Mary-Lou from the Balm but far more subtle and toned down. I think this will be the one I reach for the most out of the palette.

Tourmaline is a strange shade in the pan. I have never seen a highlight shade like it before. Swatched, it is a rose gold kind of shade, heavier on the rose than the gold. It is very pink but pretty! I imagine it'll take some playing around with to get right but I like it none the less.

Moonstone is also lovely. It has a cooler undertone than Summer and in certain lights, has a pinky/purple iridescence running through it.

So, really.. The only shade I can't wear for its initial purpose of highlighting is Bronzed but like I said, I have plans to use it in other ways. The others are fine for lighter skin tones, so if like me that was a worry of yours, there you go. Go ahead and buy it!

The actual powders are lovely. Swatching them was a dream. They are so soft and buttery and actually felt like a cream product they were that smooth. The pigmentation, as you can see, is amazing but I was actually quite surprised when I applied them to my skin. I found they were quite subtle. Well, I mean, not really but comparing them to Mary-Lou from The Balm and BECCA Champagne Pop (which are my go-to highlights) they are. But they are buildable, if you want to layer up that glow, you can. I used my Morphe M501 brush which is my favourite for highlighting.

So, overall, this is a really versatile products. The actual shade range is great, each shade is very unique. And also the fact you can build the intensity of the powders to how it suits you is great.

So far, I am happy with the Sun Dipped palette. I am glad my fear of it being too dark for me wasn't an issue, with the exception of Bronzed but like I said, I look forward to using that as an eye shadow. I may eve try layering it with a lighter shade, to lighten it up a bit? Who knows, I shall have to play with it and see.

Have you tried the Anastasia Sun Dipped Glow Kit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for reading! 

Zoe x

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