Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Top Highlighters (ft BECCA Cosmetics + The Balm)

My top highlighters, BECCA Champagne Pop, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer

My favourite highlight of all time has to be The Balms Mary Lou-Manizer. You just can't beat it! The slightly cooler toned highlight compliments my skin tone really well but will also look beautifully on a variety of different skin tones. I love pairing it with Benefit Hoola as a bronzer/contour, the two look so good together. Mary-Lou is the most intense highlight I own. It shows up so well on the skin and catches the light beautifully. This definitely isn't the highlight for someone who wants a "subtle glow" It is super intense and pigmented. Mary-Lou is really smooth to apply, never appearing patchy or chunky on the skin and I find that is wears all day. It really stays put!

My next highlighting favourite has to be BECCA Champagne Pop. Just.. Gorgeous. Again, not for those who want something subtle. Champagne Pop stands out beautifully on the skin, making your skin look so radiant and glowy. Champagne Pop has more of a warm undertone to it than Mary-Lou, pulling more of a peachy-gold tone. It is so soft and easy to blend, making it a dream to apply. I do find though, as it is so soft, it doesn't last as long as May-Lou throughout the day. If I want a super glowing highlight, I will actually mix Champagne Pop and Mary-Lou together on the tops of the cheek bones. I usually do this on a night out when I want a super glam, intense highlight. I love the combination! It looks so stunning.

BECCA champagne pop swatch, BECCA Moonstone swatch, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer swatch
Top to Bottom: Mary-Lou, Champagne Pop, Moonstone

My most recent highlighting discovery also comes from BECCA. This is their Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Moonstone. This is a liquid highlight, something I stayed away from for the longest time. I just never imagined a liquid highlight working for me, I always stuck to powders. I was so wrong! This is absolutely stunning. I take a tiny amount on a damp mini beauty blender, and gently tap it over the skin. Whilst it is still quite intense and noticeable on the skin, I'd say it was more on the natural "lit from within" side of highlights. It is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to take this away to Rome with me! Again, a slightly cooler shade but it still picks up a slight gold-y undertone. So beautiful on the skin, I love it. It applies beautifully (especially with a beauty blender) and melts into the skin, making it look more natural but still radiant. 

What are your favourite highlights? Leave me some recommendations below in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

Zoe x

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  1. Ahh I LOVE the Mary-Lou Manizer! Definitely the best highlighter I've ever used, hands-on.

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

  2. I've never tried the Mary-Louminiser but it's on my hit list! I never knew they did a full sized Becca liquid highlight though!! I have a tester for Opal which came with both powder and liquid formulations and the liquid one is by far my favourite!!! I'll have to check it out

    Great post! Melissa

    1. Oooh, you have too! She's a beaut. Yeah they're so pretty. I want Champagne Pop but in the liquid now that it is out, looks so beautiful! Thanks for reading. x