Monday, 18 April 2016

ZOEVA Nude Spectrum Palette Review + Swatches

Who can resist a beautiful warm toned eyeshadow palette these days? I have the Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette to add to my list of neutral, warm toned palettes collection.

The Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette comes in at £28. Which for 15 eyeshadows, is not bad at all. Despite this being called the Nude palette and the other palette is the Warm palette, I think this palette (Nude) is more warm toned than the actual Warm palette.. If you get me. But that isn't too important, just something I noticed.

You get a good selection of colours in here. All leaning on the warmer toned side, which I love. You get 5 matte shades in the Nude palette, the other 10 are either satin or shimmery. The matte shades are lovely. They are super easy to blend, I use them mainly for defining crease work or to smudge under the lashes (Like most people do I am sure...) The pigmentation is great too! They are highly pigmented with little to no fall out.

The other 10 shades, like I said, are either satin or shimmery. These are equally as beautiful. The pigmentation on these are amazing. I have found I do get some light fall out but considering the pigmentation of them, it is forgivable. Again, these blend beautifully and work well washed over the lid, or you can really pack the shadow on for super intense colour.

I find this palette is really versatile in the sense that you can create a lot of different looks with it. I use it mainly for when I want a more intense look (That shimmery copper shade has been on my eyes for every night out recently!) but you can create a super simple day-time look too.

Have you tried the Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Zoe x

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  1. I really want to try this palette, it looks like a real versatile mix of shades!
    Lucie xo |

    1. It is beautiful! I have been reaching for it so much. you can create so many different looks with it. :)

  2. The shades looks stunning! xx

    June |

  3. I've heard so many good things about this and all of the shades look beautiful :) I really want to try some bits from Zoeva, their brushes look incredible too *swoon*
    Love Holly x

    1. The brushes are amazing, too. My favourite brand for brushes by far!