Monday, 14 March 2016

Must Have Lip Combo from The Body Shop (NEW Stains and Liners)

If you are on the hunt for that perfect on trend, Kylie Jenner inspired lip look, that is comfortable on the lips, look no further. The Body Shop have re-vamped their lip liners, as well as added a whole new line of lip stains to their makeup collection. I recently picked up a couple of the products to try out and have found a new combination that I love.

The Body Shop lip liner in Clover Pink is a shade they have carried for years now. I never really paid attention to the lip liners all that much until they re-did the outdated 90's looking packaging and Clover Pink caught my eye. It is definitely that on trend mauvey-pink that everyone is obsessed with right now. The formulation is great. Surprisingly smooth but long lasting on the lips, not as creamy as the Topshop liners (which are probably my favourite) but it is nice. I like to fill in my whole lips with the liner and then go in with the new lip stain.

Again, I had never really been that interested in the lip stains before. They never interested me. But like the lip liners, The Body Shop changed the packaging to a compact, sleek, black tube that and feels very luxe, like a high end product. They also expanded the shade range from 2 to 9 shades. The lip stains have a beautiful selection of bright, fresh colours that really stand out and will look stunning for the upcoming Spring months. But the shade I chose was Dusty Rose- A stunning muted pink, with a brown undertone. It matches perfectly with Clover Pink lip liner and the two together make a lovely combination.

The stain is so lightweight. Worn on it's own it feels like you're applying water to your lips. It is easy to layer up for a more intense colour, or just apply one layer for a softer look. Dusty Rose is a very subtle colour anyway and on it's own is actually fairly similar to my own lip colour, maybe just a shade or so darker.

The only thing I have found with the stain is if you pucker/smack (hopefully you know what I mean?!) your lips together too much, I have found it can ball up and cause a white line around the inside of the lips. It wipes away fine but it is obviously just the product balling up. Nice.

Have you tried the new stains and liners from The Body Shop yet? What did you think of them?

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Zoe x

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