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How To Stop Concealer Creasing/Caking

I recently read an article on Into the Gloss about the best concealers on the market today and started thinking about my own routine. I always had a problem with concealer creasing or looking "cakey" throughout the day, it was something that massively bugged me about my makeup. I had this problem especially under my eyes. I felt like no matter what I did, my concealer would end up looking dry and would settle into creases under my eyes. Since experimenting and trying different techniques, I feel like I have conquered my creasy concealer days and I'd like to share my tips and tricks with you! This post is going to focus mainly on how to stop concealer creasing/caking under the eyes, but you can apply these tips to anywhere on the face.

My biggest tip is prep. And by "prep" I mean skincare. Your makeup is only ever going to look as good as the skin underneath it, so ensuring you've got a smooth, hydrated base is a must. As I mentioned, the main area I struggled with my concealer looking cakey and creasing is under my eyes. For ages, my concealer would look patchy and cakey. This is because my under-eyes are particularly dehydrated, so any concealer, no matter how creamy and smooth, would end up cakey and creased.

I now use the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado everyday. I feel like this is what helped to give my skin the moisture it needs. Since using this I have seen a massive difference in how my concealer sits on my skin. It is far smoother, doesn't go patchy throughout the day and there is far less creasing too. Despite being a very thick eye cream, it never causes my makeup to slip off the skin as it sinks in quickly and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated.

I'll briefly go over the concealers I like to use. For under my eyes I love the No.7 Instant Radiant Under Eye Concealer. I find it sits really nicely on the skin and the more yellow tone helps to brighten and conceal any darkness under the eyes. For all over the skin, the Clarins Instant Concealer is great! The light, liquid formula blends effortlessly over the skin to cover redness, discolouration and to add an over all natural glow to the skin. And finally, the NARS concealer is my No.1! I use this when I want a completely flawless finish to my base. This covers everything, whilst still looking completely natural on the skin.

After prepping the skin properly, it is now down to how you apply your concealer. I am mostly a fingers and sponge kind of girl when it comes to applying concealer, whether that is for under the eyes, covering blemishes or just for anywhere I want extra coverage.

I start with applying the product and then use my fingers to blend it out. I use patting and "pushing" motions as I feel like this really helps to blend and melt the product into the skin, especially good for over blemishes as it really helps to ensure the product stays concentrated where you need it, giving maximum coverage.

Once I feel like the product is blended out and "pushed" into place, I will lightly tap over the area with a sponge. I use the Real Techniques sponge and it works great. Using a sponge like this will not only ensure your concealer is thoroughly blended but it will also pick up any excess product from the skin, which will help to reduce the chances of your concealer caking and creasing.

Setting your concealer plays a massive part in stopping your concealer from creasing. To set your concealer, I always like to use a light, translucent powder. The powder in the Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer set is great for this, as this whole kit (it also includes two shades of concealer) is designed for under the eyes. I also think it is best to take a slightly fluffier brush for this. Something too dense will pack on too much product, which can cause a cakey/dry look. I use this rule for all over the skin, not just under the eyes.

I lightly swirl the brush into the product, tap off the excess and lightly pat the powder under my eyes. You do not want to "swipe" at this point as this will move the concealer around and you won't get as smooth of a finish.

I also love the Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder for setting concealer (and just your base makeup in general) on other areas of the face as it is super light on the skin. A quick spritz of a setting spray, and you're done! Crease-free, flawless concealer.

Thank you for reading this post! Do you have any tips on how to stop your concealer creasing? Leave them in the comments below.

Zoe x

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  1. Such great tips on preventing concealer creasing! I love how you included mostly drugstore budget friendly products too! Lovely post x

    Bonnie x
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