Friday, 29 January 2016

January Favourites 2016

FIRST FAVOURITES OF 2016! Already. Lets not think about that.
I got to try lots of new things this month after receiving lots of new goodies for Christmas, so I have some fun new thing to talk about this month. Yay!

My first favourite is the NIOD Photography Fluid (£20), which I have already dedicated a whole post to that you can read here. I heard this being described as the "real life Instagram filter for your skin" and it so is. If you want to look naturally radiant, even and flawless- BUY THIS. It is so good! It makes your skin look amazing and foundation applies beautifully on top.

My next favourite is the Pixi Hydrating Milky Skin Mist (£18) which is the most hydrating facial spray I have ever tried. If you have dehydrated skin, you need this. It instantly relieves the skin of that tight, uncomfortable feeling you get when your skin is dehydrated by instantly quenching the skin and plumping it up. You can use this over or under makeup, and throughout the day to keep the skin fresh.

Another favourite from Pixi is the Glow Mud Cleanser (£18) If you have oily skin, this will work so well for you. It is great for removing excess oil, reducing breakouts and cleansing the skin, without stripping it or drying it out. I love how my skin feels and looks after using this, it is so smooth and even. The Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser also contains glycolic acid so gives a light exfoliation at the same time. I've seen a difference in my skin since using this, it has definitely helped to reduce breakouts and over all helped to smooth out my skin.

My go-to sleeping mask for the month of January has been the Bio-Essence Aqua Droplet Sleeping Mask (£29) This has been an absolute life saver for my dehydrated skin this month. With the combination of freezing cold weather, plus standing directly underneath the air conditioning at work to try and stay warm, my skin has been truly stripped of moisture. This is so light on the skin, it feels like water and sinks in immediately, I often reapply a couple of times before bed and it just continues to restore hydration to my skin. It is so light that it never breaks me out or causes congestion, plus it is super comfortable to wear on the skin, too. The most expensive sleeping mask I own but definitely one of the best.

What are your favourites for the month of January?

Thanks for reading.

Zoe x

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  1. I've heard a ton about the brand Pixi and I have oily skin too so I always appreciate a good mud mask. x
    These are some great favourites!