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2015 Favourites: Makeup

This is my 2015 Makeup Favourites. I am so excited to tell you all about my stand out products of 2015. I thought I would quickly tell you how I chose which products made it in here. I know a lot of Bloggers set themselves "rules" when it comes to this. Like, they can only have 1 of each product (e.g one lipstick, only one primer.. ect) and have specific categories that need filled. I do not have any of that. I just picked my stand out products of 2015 and put them all together. I have been keeping a list since the start of 2015 and wrote down every product I really enjoyed using, the ones that really stood out to me and that is how they made it in here. Lets get started! 

NARS Radiant Cream Concealer // £22
I kind of wonder what I did before this. It is the best concealer ever. It makes your skin look so flawless but with the most natural finish. It never looks cakey or heavy and it sits beautifully on the skin. I use it mainly for extra coverage over any redness/spots but have used it under the eyes as well and it works wonderfully for covering up dark circles. I have oily skin but the formula stays in place all day, I usually wear this on nights out and it holds up so well. Holy grail! 

No.7 Concealer // £13.50
I've been through a countless amount of these since discovering it at the beginning of 2015. This is my go-to concealer for under the eyes. I used shade 01 which is distinctly yellow toned so it is great for brightening the under eye area. It sits so well and never looks dry or cakey under my eyes, which is a problem I have with a lot of concealers. Again, this is a holy grail product for me! 

Simply one of the best eye products I have tried. Long lasting, beautifully pigmented, blendable.. They tick all the boxes! They're great to wear on their own or as a base under other colours. They last all day long without creasing or fading in the slightest. 

The primer for anyone who struggles with their makeup going patchy/not staying in place as long as it could. This keeps your makeup so smooth and flawless all day long. I've been through 2 already and still love it. It's got that typical silicone texture, so it glides over the skin effortlessly and makes your makeup blend really easily too. 

Now, I was not sure about this when I first used it. In fact, I almost didn't like it. I was using it more for the "mattifying" claims. Whereas I don't find it to keep my skin matte (it does more than the Topshop one) it does help to control it slightly. But what I love about this, is like the Topshop primer, it keeps my makeup in place all day long. It has almost a light, lotion like texture than sinks into the skin immediately. I've been reaching for this over my Topshop primer the last few months and have just repurchased my second tube. 

I wore this the other day as I hadn't reached for it since Summer time and oh my, I forgot just how good it is. This is the perfect "no makeup, makeup" base. It just makes you look like you've got amazing skin! It is practically undetectable on the skin yet manages to even everything out, covering redness ect whilst adding the most beautiful, radiant glow to the skin. You don't even need to be having a "good skin day" to wear it either. In fact, try it when you're having a crap skin day and just see what a difference it makes. I dare you! It is expensive but so worth it.

Oh, my. How did I go so long without this? The Naked palette is now my go-to. You can create any look with it. Whether you're going out and want something intense and smoky, or just want a natural look; you can do it with this palette! The colours are beautiful, a really good mix of warm, cool, shimmers and mattes. I honestly think there is something for everyone in this palette. I LOVE IT.

Now, I am not sure if it is the powder or the brush I use with this powder (Featured in an up-coming post) but I have seen such a difference in my brows since using this. The colour is perfect match for me and I love how there is the choice of two shades so you can add dimension and depth to the brows. I can also choose to darken them up slightly for a night out maybe or have them more "natural" for every day. 

Now, I wasn't going to include this, simply because I don't use it and think "Aw I love this." but when I think about it, I am about to finish my second bottle and planning to repurchase my third, it has never done me wrong and it looks bloody good most of the time! So, hey, why wouldn't it be in here? It's almost just turned into a staple product that I reach for without thinking about and forget how good it actually is.. I take it for granted, makeup granted. Anyway, I do like this a lot, it looks lovely and natural on the skin whilst providing really good coverage. I love the finish too, it ends up looking quite glowy and radiant but not too glowy (for someone who has oily skin, it is easy cross that line) It has been the only foundation I've discovered this year that I reach for time after time and have actually repurchased. 

I love this mainly for the colour. My MAC Soar alternative! The perfect deep, pinky brown shade. I love wearing this on it's own as it is so long lasting and great for making your lips look fuller and more even. I reach for it all the time if I am ever stuck on what lip colour to go for. It works with every makeup look! 

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder // £8.99
This is a fairly new edition to my makeup collection but it is that good it instantly made it into my yearly favourites. This is such a lovely powder. It is so light and undetectable on the skin but is great for setting makeup and taking away excess shine but without creating a "flat" matte look to the skin. You can build this up and it will never look cakey or heavy at all. 

So those are all my makeup favourites from the year of 2015! I hope you enjoyed this, I really enjoyed writing it. What are your favourites from 2015? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

Zoe x

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