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Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer Review

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There is a lot of buzz going around right now about the new Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer (£10). Soap and Glory is a great brand that I think deserves more attention, especially for their makeup, which is great quality and affordable. One Heck Of A Blot originally started as a pressed powder that was great for using to touch up throughout the day. Soap and Glory have now expanded the range and included a new foundation and a new primer, which is what I will be reviewing in this post.
So, as the name kind of suggests, this range of products is designed for someone with a more oily skin type and would need to "blot" to control excess oil throughout the day. The One Heck Of A Blot primer claims to give 12 hours of oil control for a more matte complexion, shrink the apperance of pores and even skintone and redness.

If you've read my blog before, you may know that I do have an oily skin type but I am also quite dehydrated and like a dewy finish when it comes to makeup (awkward, right?) so it is hard for me to find a product that is going to help control oil whilst not mattifying (Yes, spell check. That is a word...) my skin completely, as I like to look.. Alive.

I was surprised by the texture of this primer. I imagined it would be a silicone based product, with that typical slippery texture to it like a lot of primers (especially oil controlling primers) have. Instead is it almost like a lotion.. Kind of. It feels very smooth and soft on the skin but without the silicone feeling. It smooths over the skin nicely like that of a lotion but disappears instantly. Again, something I found quite strange for this kind of primer. I like primers that you can see making a difference on the skin instantly (InstaBlur by The Body Shop for example, it instantly smooths and fills in pores. You can see an instant difference with that one.) Considering it claims to "shrink the appearance of pores", this is something I did not see a difference with. In fact, it did not make a real difference to how my skin looked at all. It felt smoothed out and soft but did not perfect/even out the skin in any way. I did however add a more matte appearance to the skin and definitely took away any shine. which is great as that is it's main claim!

When I applied my foundation (Bourjois Healthy Mix) over the top, I found it slightly harder to blend. As the primer didn't give that "slip" to the skin, I found the foundation stuck and clung in certain areas that I then had to go in with my fingers and buff out. It was manageable, just a bit of a pain.

So, things I liked about this primer? It made a massive difference to how my makeup wore throughout the day. My base stayed smooth and even all day, even over areas that usually go patchy, such as my chin and between my eyebrows. Even though it was slightly harder to blend my base, once it was on it looked great and stayed in place, which is amazing.

Things I didn't like? I found that is did not make that much of a difference in terms of keeping shine at bay. My skin got just as shiny as it usually would throughout the day. Which, I found disappointing as the One Heck Of A Blot primers main claim, is oil control. Like I said earlier, for me personally, it isn't too much of an issue as I like a bit of a "glow" throughout the day, but I had to mention it as most people will purchase this because they want a more matte appearance.

Overall, I do like this product. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants a primer that helps their makeup stay in place throughout the day. If you want a primer specifically for controlling oil, this one isn't the best for that, which is so odd as that is the whole marketing behind it.

Have you tried the Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot primer yet? What are your thoughts on it?

Thanks for reading.

Zoe x

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