Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Favourite Makeup Brushes

I, like most of you, have a lot of makeup brushes. Yet, I found it very easy to narrow it down to my favourites, the ones I reach for all the time and realistically, could easily get rid of all the others I own (minus a few extra blending brushes) and happily go on with just these select few. Am I going to do that? Of course not. But nonetheless, here are my favourite, most used makeup brushes.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush // £31
I have two of these, a full size and a "mini" I got in last years Christmas set. I love this brush. I use one for all over setting powder/blending everything out and one for applying bronzer. "Sheer powder" is the perfect name for this brush as it is really great for applying a thin, even layer of powder over the skin, it never picks up too much. Both of the brushes wash really well and keep their shape, too. The smaller one has puffed out a lot more but probably cause I always give it a good swirl in my bronzer every day, the other one doesn't get used so vigorously.

Zoeva 227 // £6.95 | Mac 217 // £20
My go to blending brushes for the eyes. They're practically identical and I've written a post all about that right here, if you want more details. This is just the best brush for eyeshadow. It is the perfect shape and density for applying shadow all over the lid but also for blending out the edges smoothly, too. A one hit wonder.

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Brush // £24.50
Another one of my favourites for eyeshadow. I find this brush is great for really packing on colour, despite its quite soft, fluffy bristles, it picks up a lot of pigment. I usually pack colour on with this brush and blend out the edges with my 217/227. You could blend everything out with this too if you were stuck.

Duo-Fiber Contour Brush // £23.99 (for 3 piece set)
This brush is the best brush for highlighter. As it is duo-fiber it picks up the perfect amount of product and applies it evenly over the skin. I always struggled with highlighter and often didn't use it just because I never had a brush that worked well with it but this one is perfect! It's just a shame you can't buy it individually. 

Duo-Fiber Face Brush // £23.99 (for 3 piece set)
I love this brush for applying blushes/bronzer that are quite difficult to work with. So, for example, Betty Loumanizer Bronzer from The Balm. A great product but it is very heavily pigmented, which makes it very easy to go over board with. This brush is great for picking up a very light dusting of product. I love how soft it is too, allowing it to blend product smoothly over the skin.

My go to brush for cream eye shadows. This is great for applying a smooth, even layer of cream shadow. It has a good density, in the way where it is soft enough to be able to blend the product nicely over the lid but firm enough to actually pick up the product and move it around when blending. 

Zoeva 127 Luxe Cheek Brush // £11.50
This is the brush I love using for blush. I have quite a small face, so this brush works really well for me. It is small and slanted so great for applying blush to the cheeks and blending it out. It picks up colour nicely too without being too heavy. It is lovely and soft and you can blend the colour out too using the same brush.

Those are my favourite brushes out of my collection! What are yours?

Thanks for reading.

Zoe x

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  1. My favourite brushes are NARS Ita, round top kabuki brushes and Real Techniques cheek brush which is part of nic's picks and I hope they sell it individually because its the best brush for blush. I'm going to buy some zoeva brushes soon and I can't wait!xx

    1. Aw cool! I've not tried any brushes from NARS but I've heard great things. Zoeva brushes are brilliant. They're amazing quality and a very reasonable price :) I highly recommend them!

  2. I really love my Morphe M439 For my foundation! I really want to try out the real technique set!

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