Friday, 30 October 2015

How To Remove Halloween Makeup

I could actually cry if I thought about the amount of people that remove their Halloween makeup with either wipes or not at all. It sends shivers down my spine. So, I thought I'd write this post in an attempt to save at least a few faces from that. Now, I don't know what kind of makeup you used to create your scary clown, zombie, cat, alien, whatever but lets just say it consists of a shit load of face paint, eye shadow, foundation that is 5 shades too pale for you etc. If you've used liquid latex, etc you're going to have to follow the specific removal instructions provided but come back to this to remove the rest, okay?

Side note: I've tried to choose more "affordable" options here. There is no point whipping out your £40 cleansing balm to wash away 3 layers of face paint, what a waste! Save those for your skin.

The absolute must have for the job just has to be Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm/oil (which ever you have/prefer, they do the same job) This is the ultimate "melt every scrap of makeup off my face instantly" cleanser. It's job is to destroy makeup on your face. It won't strip or irritate your skin because guess what? You will 100% have to double, maybe even triple, cleanse depending on the amount of makeup you've got on so it is best to go for a gentle, fuss free cleanser. TTDO is great for removing the bulk of the makeup, so it is going to break down the layers of face paint that is on the skin. Go over your face as many times as you like with this, like I said it is super gentle so it will not cause any irritation to the skin, it also has a good "slip" to it, so you won't be pulling/tugging at the skin.

I'd go in with an oil next, something like The Body Shop Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil. This is going to be get rid of the last scraps of makeup, the really stubborn bits but it is also going to help provide the skin with a little bit of hydration and moisture, too (which I am almost certain we will all need by this point!)

You can 100% use both of those cleansers around the eye area but just in case you want something separate or something to make sure every last scrap of mascara is off, I'd recommend going in with a specific eye makeup remover. The No.7 eye makeup remover is great. This is great as it is a bi-phase liquid, so the oil helps to gently break down makeup without you having to scrub at your eyes. It makes removing eye makeup effortless. You can also go for a good old micellar water. My personal favourite is Bioderma, is is gentle and gets the job done easily and fast.

What to avoid:
Foam/gel/milk cleansers 'cause lets face it, they're going to do nothing. You need something oily to actually break down and remove the makeup. If you want to go in with one of them once you feel as if you've thoroughly removed everything, crack on.

Wipes. At all costs really but especially when removing heavy makeup. All wipes do is smear the makeup around your face, you're not actually removing as much as you think. Your skin can also become irritated if you continuously go over it with a wipe.

Use a flannel/cloth/towel whatever you can get your hands on. Splashing with water is going to get you no where, you need to wipe the product off your face.

Happy Cleansing!

Zoe x

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