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How To Combat Dehydrated Skin In Autumn/Winter

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Now that we are coming into the colder months of the year, it is important to amp up the hydration levels for your skin. Most people already have dehydration at some level or another, whether it is just slightly or your main concern. Autumn/Winter is the time where the weather really takes it out of your skin and most of us get dry, dehydrated, dull etc. This post is going to be how to help combat dehydration within the skin and keeping your skin plump and hydrated throughout Autumn/Winter.

I'll start by going over the difference between dry and dehydrated. Dry skin is caused by a lack of oil on the skin. Dehydrated skin is a lack of water within the skin. So a lot of the time, products for dehydration are very thin and easily absorbed into the skin, which is what you want. Dehydration comes from deeper down in the skin, whereas dryness is on the surface layer. Okay? Okay.

The best source of hydration is going to be from a serum. Serums penetrate down into the epidermis and provide hydration from within the skin. Hydraluron (£25) is the best serum I have used to help combat dehydration. It has no other fancy claims, it is just for rehydrating and holding water and moisture within the skin. For something so basic and simple, it works so well. It works really well with Clinique Moisture surge (£34) which, as the name suggests, is great for providing a boost of moisture. Again, it is super light so sinks in immediately and works on hydrating and plumping. Lovely. If you do not fancy paying £34 for a moisturiser, The Body Shop AquaBoost Sorbet is a lovely (cheaper) alternative at £13. This is great to use in the Summer time too due to it's light texture (You can obviously use all of these products any time of the year, really)

The Body Shop Oils of Life, Clinique Moisture Surge, Indeed Labs, Skincare for dehydrated skin, how to prevent dehydrated skin, uk blogger, the body shop bouncy sleeping mask, clarins toner

Adding an essence lotion into your routine will help to provide an extra layer of hydration. The Body Shop Essence Lotion (£15) from the Oils of Life range is fantastic at doing just that. It is so hydrating yet incredibly light and it great for just layering between other products. I noticed a massive difference in my skin when I introduced this into my routine. The Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion (£20) is also a great option for using during the "traditional" toning stage as it is far more hydrating than a lot of other toners.

Night time is a really good time to focus on rehydrating and replenishing the skin (all year round) I love using masks and oils as my night time treatments. The new Oils of Life Facial Oil from The Body Shop (£28) is a fantastic product for injecting moisture into the skin. It's made up of the purest plant seed oils so absorbs easily and is lovely and light on the skin. It works amazingly paired with the matching essence lotion. I also love using the Bouncy Sleeping Mask, also from The Body Shop. This light gel will leave your skin glowing in the morning. It continues to provide hydration throughout the night and in the morning, your skin will be plump, supple and hydrated. I love that is is designed for sleeping in too, so there is no need to get back out of bed and wash it off. Perfect for a lazy evening pamper!

Do you have any recommendations to help to keep dehydrated skin at bay? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Zoe x

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  1. I always use Hydraluron in the morning. Since then I've never had any dry / flakey patches. I also love using oils at night so these new Body Shop ones sound great! X

    1. Yeah Hydraluron is the best! I recommend it to everyone. The Oils of Life is a beautiful range, I highly recommend it. I've never used an oil that is so hydrating and nourishing yet so incredibly light on the skin. It is amazing! Go for it :)

  2. How does one know if one has skin that is dry, dehydrated, or both?

    1. Good question!

      Dry skin usually has visible flaking on the surface of the skin. The skin will look/feel dull and not supple to the touch. Makeup usually does not sit well on the surface of the skin (goes "cakey" looking) and picks up dry patches.

      Dehydrated skin feels tight which is the main sign of dehydration. If you wash your face and after your skin feels tight, it is due to dehydration (or you've used a foaming cleanser, ugh) It can also have this feeling throughout the day too. Skin looks "crepey" and thin. Your skincare products sink in VERY quickly. Your makeup goes very patchy throughout the day (your skin is trying to drink up any moisture from your foundation etc). If you're dehydrated you can also be oily (i.e Me!) which is where people get confused.

      And yes, you can have both dry and dehydrated skin!

      Hope that helped :) x