Friday, 25 September 2015

Urban Decay Naked Palette (I'm only 5 years late.)

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Yes. I am only 5 years late to the Urban Decay Naked Palette party. But, seriously, how have I gone this long without this palette?! I own and love the Naked 3 palette which as you know is a very warm, pinky, rose gold based palette, colours I totally love. But for some reason I had never even taken an interest in the other 2 palettes (now three with the introduction of the Naked Smoky, which I am literally the only person on Earth that does not like that palette!)

Now that I (finally) own it I am kind of completely obsessed with it. It, to me, is like the perfect palette. I love the more warm base it has to it in terms of the golds and browns. It also has the perfect mix of those pinky/taupe shadows that I love so much. The only two shadows I'll probably not use are the two at the end, Creep and Gunmetal because they are distinctly cool toned, which I don't like. Other than that, I can't fault this palette.

My favourite shades are Sidecar, which is a beautiful shimmery, goldy toned brown. I reach for this shade a lot, it is so easy to apply all over the lid and blend a touch of Buck (matte light brown) into the crease but most days, I just throw on Sidecar on it's own and it looks great. For a more smokey look I love using Smog, which is a slightly darked brown that still has a lot of pretty shimmer running through it. I also love Half Baked for if I am going out and want something that stands out a bit more.

urban decay naked palette, urban decay naked palette review, urban decay makeup, urban decay naked palette swatches

If I want to go for a more pink toned look I love using Toasted and Sin. They have that pink tone running through them but are still so wearable and great for an easy everyday look.

I reach for the Naked Palette everyday now. I think I could easily get rid of all my other palettes and never feel the need to buy another one, that is how good and versatile the Naked Palette is. I use it for a day look, if I want something quite subtle and pretty on the eyes but I can also use it for when I am going out and want something more smoky and sexy. It does it all.

What is your favourite palette? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Zoe x

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  1. Don't worry about being 5 years late I've still not purchased one haha!
    charlotte //

  2. Haha! This is so me because I have still not purchased the first or second one ever while I see so many people who own ALL the palettes. It looks lovely x