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How To Survive A Beauty Spending Ban

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So, you've put yourself on a spending ban? When you're a beauty junkie, a lot of the time, it just gets to a stage where you have to. Here are my hints and tips on how I survive a beauty spending ban!

Set Yourself A Realistic Goal
Saying to yourself that you are "never ever buying any more beauty products ever again for the rest of your life" isn't a serious or realistic goal. Stick to something like "For the month of ____ I am going to put myself on a spending ban." or "I am not going to buy any more makeup from ____ until ____"
Breaking it down like that makes it far easier to tackle and makes it more likely that you're actually going to be able to do it.

Get In The Mindset
Randomly deciding that you're going on a spending ban isn't going to happen if you don't really mean it. You need to get in the mindset that you actually are not going to buy things you do not need from X date to X date. How to get into that mindset?

Sort Through What You Already Have
I find this so helpful. If I sit down and organise my makeup/skincare collection it makes me see how much I actually have and a lot of the time I actually feel a bit over whelmed and even guilty! This definitely helps me get into the mindset of sticking to a spending ban. It is also just handy to see what you have a lot of in your collection, so that you can focus on getting through it, which leads to my next tip...

Shopping Your Stash
"Shopping" your own collection is great for coming across items you completely forgot you had. Pull these items out and put them in your everyday makeup drawer/bag/shelf so you are a) using stuff up and b) getting the feeling of having new makeup/skincare to play with, so you don't get bored and feel the need to buy more.

Do It With A Friend
If I go on a spending ban, I try and rope a friend into it too. Last time, it was my Sister, who does a very good job at telling me off when I have a basket full of items on Feel Unique or convincing me "You do not need it" when standing in Boots with handfuls of Essie nail polish. You can support each other through it and doing something like this with someone else tends to make you stick to it more, too.

Allow Yourself A Treat
Okay, so yes you are on a spending ban but telling yourself you 100% absolutely by no means necessary are allowed to even look at any makeup, will only make yourself want it more. Knowing that after a hard day or maybe a really good day, you're allowed to treat yourself to one or two little treats makes the whole thing more bearable. Notice how I said one or two, not a whole basket full!

Youtube/Blogs: Yay or Nae?!
This is a tricky one. For some (most) people, Youtube and blogs makes you want to shop even more! Pretty girls showing you all the new lipsticks and eyeshadows you "need" in your life. If you're one of those people, then ditch the Haul videos and the First Impressions and the What's New At The Drugstore videos. Bye, bye. Go watch Netflix or something.
However, on the other hand.. Sometimes I feel like watching a good Haul, almost gives me my beauty fix. It's almost like shopping... Porn? Ew. You know what I mean! Sometimes after watching a haul, I feel like I've been shopping myself and I don't feel the need to run to Boots as soon as.

Those are my tips on how to survive a spending ban! Do you have any tips that help you? Share them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

Zoe x

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