Friday, 1 May 2015

April Favourites 2015

Another month has passed, which means time for a Monthly favourites! I will start with makeup, as I seem to be having a bit of a "makeup moment" this month.

The NARS Radiant Creamy concealer (£22) has been my go-to concealer recently. I love, love, love the finish it gives. It provides decent coverage but looks so flawless and glowy on the skin. It is great for under the eyes but also for concealing redness, blemishes etc too.

I have already talked about the Estee Lauder EE cream (£34) on here but it had to make another appearance in my favourites post. This is going to be the product I reach for a lot in the upcoming Spring/Summer months. It makes the skin look great, without feeling or looking thick or heavy. In fact, it is practically invisible on the skin. You can read my full review of the Estee Lauder EE cream here.

Up next is another base product. If I did not have the Estee Lauder EE cream on, I'd have on Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (£10.99) I feel Healthy Mix is the "fuller coverage" version of the Estee Lauder EE cream. It has a very similar glowy, radiant finish it just covers a little bit more, but still looks really natural on the skin. I use one pump of this blended in with my Real Techniques Sponge and it gives a lovely, radiant finish. It wears really well throughout the day, it stays smooth and even.

Now onto a skincare item. For some reason, I have started to remove my eye makeup with a separate product, rather than the oil/balm I use to remove the rest of my makeup. Why? I am not entirely sure. 
But to do so,  I have been using the No.7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover (£8.50). 

This is a bi-phase liquid, that you shake together and apply onto a cotton pad. It makes removing eye makeup so effortless and easy. It is super effective but also very gentle on the eyes, It never stings or irritates at all. And it gets off every last scrap of eye makeup! It is now a staple in my bathroom cabinet. 

I have a new nail polish favourite, too. I ordered Orly- Cake Pop (£9ish) and instantly fell in love before I had even applied it. My love deepened when I did use it and it was opaque and creamy and applied like a dream. Cake Pop is a typical "me" colour that I have 101 of but still need more. A pretty, pale, almost white pink.

This month, I wanted to include a Blogger/Youtuber. Her name is Brogan. She is a beauty blogger and vlogger. For the last few months she has uploaded a weekly vlog every Monday at 6pm (as well as other videos but her Vlogs are my favourite.) I enjoy her vlogs so much. Brogan is really easy to watch. She is so down to earth. She is really open and shares a lot with her audience, whether it is good or bad, which is what I like about her the most. A lot of YouTubers tend to pick and choose what they show you (which is up to them, it's their life) but Brogan tells it how it is. If she's having a bad day, she'll tell us, if she's having a good day, she'll tell us. If you haven't seen any of Brogan's videos before I shall link her YouTube channel here 

A Word From My Sissy

I thought it would be nice to include a few things my Sister, Megan, has been enjoying throughout the month of April. 

Megan has also loved using the Estee Lauder EE Cream, for the same reasons I have; radiant, glowy skin. Megan has dry skin but it works equally well on her too. She has also been using the matching Estee Lauder Enlighten Serum (£50) and says it leaves her skin really smooth and soft and works as a brilliant base for her makeup. 

The Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (£25 for 100ml. Mini size in photo) is Megan's next favourite. She says this works really well on her dry skin and helps to make her skin smooth, removing bumps and congestion. She likes to use it as a morning cleanse and an evening cleanse.

Urban Jungle by Essie (£7.99) has been Megan's nail polish choice this month (that she has stolen from my collection, may I add!) 

Megan has also loved the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (£16) This makes her lips look smooth and full and makes a really good base for any other lip stick she wants to put on top, which is usually some sort of  nudey-pink from MAC. But she likes how she can use it with a variety of different shades and it works perfectly with each one. 

So those are my (and Megans) favourite products for the month of April.

What were your favourite products for last month?

Thank you for reading.

Zoe x

Disclaimer: I work for The Body Shop. However, all opinions about products from The Body Shop are 100% my own and do not reflect the opinions of those at The Body Shop. Any product given to me for staff sampling has been marked with an *. Any product from The Body Shop not marked, will have been purchased by myself, with my own money at a staff discounted price. All my opinions are completely true and honest. 

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