Monday, 13 April 2015

Out With The Old, In With The New: Skincare

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I ran out of a few of my staple, everyday skincare products at once over the last week, as you can see in my post here. When you have as much skincare as I do, it is very exciting to finish up multiple products! It means I now get to start on some brand new bits to fit into my routine and try. And trust me, I've got plenty lined up!
Oh, before we start. For some reason, when I was uploading my photos to Blogger it just ruined the quality of them (especially the photo of my new eye cream) and I have no clue why! I am really annoyed as I was quite happy with the photos before hand. So, I am really sorry about that. :(

 My new daily moisturiser will be the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (£34)This promises lost lasting hydration throughout the day. I am excited to start using this one as I've heard loads of good things about it.

Moving onto eyes, the La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes (£15) eye cream is next to try. This is an eye cream specifically designed for dehydrated, sensitive eyes *raises hand*. Since taking a reaction to an eye cream several months ago, I struggle with dehydration and creasing under my eyes. Since Hydraphase is specifically targeted towards dehydration, I have high hopes.

Cleansing is next and I've got the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil (£22) to try. This is a product I, along with many others, was so excited to buy. It is an oil version of there oh-so famous TTDO Cleansing Balm. But for some reason, I kind of just forgot about it and never used it. Eek.. Since my current cleansing oil came to it's last use, I've popped this in it's place in my bathroom cabinet and now I have remembered about it, I am excited again!

I did not, by any means, need another exfoliating mask of any sort. But I got an email from all about the new Caudalie masks and I had to pick one up. So, me being me, went for the Glycolic Peel Mask (£22) It was only £22, which I didn't think was too bad and I have loved everything I have tried from Caudalie before so thought I might as well give it a go! I also got a sample of the Instant Detox Mask in my order, which I am also excited to try!

Have you got any new skincare bits to try! Let me know in the comments! And also, if anyone can help me with why Blogger is ruining the quality of my photos?! Grr.

Thank you for reading!

Zoe x 

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