Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Morning Cleanse

The morning cleanse is very different from the night time cleanse. You don't have layers of makeup and SPF to remove (Hopefully...). You just need something that gives the skin a refresh, gets rid of dead skin cells that have shed overnight (Mmm.) and sweat.

Yes- cleaning your face in the morning is necessary. Would you rather apply your morning skincare/makeup for the day over dead, sweaty skin or fresh, clean skin? Exactly.

I tend to go between two types of cleansers for the morning; gel and cream. An oil or balm cleanser is  just too heavy for my skin type in the morning, easy as that. Washes and foams are totally out of the question. I do not plan to start my day with a dried out face. No, thanks!

Gel Cleansers

I prefer to use gel cleansers in the morning as I have a more oily skin type, so these are perfect for me. They are light, refreshing and give enough moisture (the ones I use anyway) without making my skin feel or look shiny. My top 2 are the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel (£20) or the Nspa Melting Gel Cleanser (£6) 

They are practically identical to each other, so if you want to save yourself some pennies go for the Nspa option! Both are loaded with lots of lovely plant oils that keep the skin smooth and hydrated after cleansing. You can emulsify both of them into a milk, if you prefer that kind of consistency (just add some water) or keep massaging them over the skin and they break into a lovely, light oil.

Cream Cleansers

Cream cleansers tend to be better for more dry skin types, that need that extra little bit of moisture throughout the day. The ones I use though are still very light in consistency, just as like I said before I don't need/want anything too heavy.

One I have been reaching for recently is the B. Glycolic Cleansing Peel (£7.99) This is not a "peel" by any means. It is super gentle on the skin and is great for someone who wants to work glycolic acids into their routine, if you are hesitant go to straight in with acid toners etc. You can use this in the morning to clean the skin and exfoliate at the same time. You would avoid the eye area with this one though (all the others mentioned in this post I have found are fine to go over the eyes with.)

Another cream option is the Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (£25) This is suitable for all skin types. It is great for sensitive skin also, as Pai really tailor toward sensitive skin types. Also a fantastic option for anyone who suffers with redness in the skin. It is really soothing and doesn't contain any common triggers for redness/sensitivity (e.g alcohol, strong essential oils)

Those are the few morning cleansing options I personally like to reach for! Do you have a favourite cleanser to use in the morning?

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

Zoe x


  1. I have been using the B. Cleanser too, it leaves my skin so smooth and is really gentle. An underrated product I think. x

    1. It is pretty great! I'd like to try some other bits from the brand. x