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REVIEW: New nSpa Masks

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nSpa quickly became one of my favourite budget beauty brands after I discovered them last year in ASDA. I have reviewed a few of their products before, which you can check out here and here. I was super excited when I saw they had launched a range of 4 new sachet masks! So today I am going to be reviewing all 4 for you.

Like I said, there are 4 new masks to choose from:

-Deep Cleansing Mud Mask
-Professional Peeling Mask
-Warming Mineral Detox Mask
-Radiance Boosting Mask

Each mask has 15ml of product and costs £1.59 per sachet (Bargain!). All of the nSpa range is available exclusively at ASDA. 

nSpa Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

"A dead sea mud mask to treat and refresh the skin for a beautiful complexion"

First Impressions: You get a lot of product in here. Each mask is 15ml, which might not sound like a lot but you can easily get 3-4 uses out of this one sachet.
I was kind of messy, not going to lie. As you get more than one use out of this mask, I suggest decanting the rest of it into a small pot to stop it drying out, as obviously, you can't re-seal the sachet. I put the rest of mine into an empty sample pot I had from work.

Wear: This is a clay mask, so it applies nice and thick, but it easily spread over the skin. It does dry down but doesn't "set" as hard as most clay masks. I like this as it doesn't feel as harsh or as drying on the skin, plus it is easier to remove.

Result: My skin felt really clean and fresh after I used this mask. I found it looked far more smooth and even as well. It was really easy to remove with a flannel and didn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry. It also had a really fresh, uplifting smell.

nSpa Professional Peeling Mask

"Gently peels away dead skin cells to reveal a visibly brighter complexion."

First Impressions: This mask applies as a very thick gel. The smell really bothered me, unfortunately. I found it very overpowering and chemically.

Wear: You apply a layer over the skin and leave it to dry for 20 minutes. You will see and feel the mask harden and start to peel up at the edges.

Result: Once it has hardened, you peel it off. It is very easy to remove as the mask peels off in large pieces at a time. Overall though, I do not feel this did much for my skin. It didn't leave it feeling any softer or smoother. I did enjoy peeling it off though!
If you want a good exfoliating mask, I would suggest going for nSpa's Skin Renewal Gel instead! It is great.

nSpa Warming Mineral Detox Mask

"Self-heating treatment with natural clay to deeply cleanse the skin."

First Impressions: I expected this to be a clay mask but instead it is a thick, gloopy gel consistency. It instantly warms as you apply it to the skin. What I liked about this warming mask is, it didn't get uncomfortably hot on the skin. You can feel that it is warm on the skin but nothing that too intense.

Wear: It stays as a gel consistency rather than hardening on the skin, which again, is really convenient when it comes to removing the mask as there is no scrubbing involved. The smell of this one bothered me as well, I found it quite overpowering and could smell it the whole time it was on my skin.

Results: My skin looked great after this mask! It got rid of blackheads, which left my skin looking far smoother and clear. It also improved the overall look of my skin. Like the cleansing mud mask, it made my skin look even and smooth.

nSpa Radiance Boosting Mask

"Replenishes and moisturises the skin with a vitamin boost."

First Impressions: This mask is a thick, creamy consistency. It smells kind of fruity in a way but nothing that it too strong or overpowering.

Wear: I found this one felt a little bit more luxurious on the skin. The thick cream felt really comforting on and like it was really nourishing and replenishing my skin. I was surprised when this dried down to almost a chalky looking consistency. My skin absorbed a lot of this one as well, so there was much less product to remove at the end.

Results: I do think this added a little "boost" to my skin. Nothing life changing but there was a definite difference! My skin looked more awake and even. I used this straight after the warming mineral mask and I think the two work really well together! That combination would be great if you had a party/night out and needed to give your skin a quick boost.

Overall thoughts: I think these masks are really nice! For £1.59 you get a lot of product in each sachet. You would probably get at least 3 uses out of each mask, which is fantastic. I think they are far more gentle than a lot of other masks. They do not provide any sort of "deep" treatments but rather a nice, quick and easy treatment for when you're in a rush or like I said, have somewhere to be a you just need to give your skin a quick recharge. The only one I'd maybe pass on would be the Professional Peeling Mask, I feel like it didn't really do much and their Skin Renewal Gel is a far better option!

I think nSpa have come out with another great product to add to their range and I have very glad to have got the chance to try them out!

Have you tried any of these before? If you have, tell me what you thought!

Thank you very much for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

Zoe x

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Disclaimer: nSpa kindly sent me these masks to review. All opinions are 100% true, honest and my own. This is not a sponsored post.


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