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Bourjois Colorband Sticks review

Bourjois Colourband review

I have pretty high standards when it comes to stick eye shadows, after discovering the amazing KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows. Affordable, creamy, blendable and highly pigmented, they are a hard product to beat. So, when I saw Bourjois had jumped on the bandwagon and brought out their own eyeshadow sticks, I had to pick up a couple to try. 

Bourjois Colourband 2-in-1 Eyeshadow & Liner come in a selection of 6 shades, including a black, purpley mauve and your classic brown and beige. The colours I have are 02 Brun Dadaiste and 04 Rose Fauviste (Times like this I am glad I just can type the names rather than actually having to pronounce them *waits to laugh at Youtubers attempts*) 

Bourjois Colorband review

These are far more subtle than the KIKO option. But they are so, very pretty. I use 04 all over the lid, building up a few layers to get a more intense colour. I then pop 02 into the crease/outer corner and blend with a brush. They blend really easily and quickly, making them a good option to grab for if you are in a rush in the morning or just want a really simple and quick look. 

These wear incredibly well throughout the day. However, I  do find because I have to build up a few layers, 04 creases ever so slightly on me by the end of the day. I only use one layer of 02 and it lasts perfectly. 

These are great if you just want a simple, pretty eye look. I have been reaching for these every day since I got them and I love the results every time. I also have received a few compliments when I'm wearing them, which is always a good sign! 

The colours I have tried are definitely more suitable for a natural, day time look. Even when you build them up, they don't give a great amount of colour/pigmentation so if you wanted them for doing a more intense evening look, maybe go for the KIKO option (However, I haven't tried the black or anything, which may have more intense pigmentation.) as they give far more intense colour and pigmentation. 

Bourjois Colorband review

Overall, I really like these products and can see myself heading back to Boots to pick up a couple more, especially since they are now on 3 for 2 (I missed out the first time, they went on offer literally the day after I bought them, grr.) 

So those are my thoughts on the Bourjois Colorband sticks. Have you tried these for yourself? Let me know in the comments what you thought of them! Oh and also, if you would like me to do a full comparison between these and the KIKO sticks, let me know!

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and are having a lovely day.

Zoe x 

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