Sunday, 1 March 2015

February 2015 Favourites

Do you ever just get a feeling that your monthly favourites is going to be a really good one and you get really excited and start writing it on the 4th day into the month? Or is that just me...

That is exactly what happened this month! I had already discovered a few new products that I knew I was going to instantly love/already loved and got so excited that I started drafting this post all the way back on February 4th! 

The first product that made me super excited was, of course, the Bouncy Sleeping Mask from The Body Shop. 

I've already mentioned this a couple of times, so I won't go on about it too much (you can read the full review here!) but basically, this is a mask I think everyone needs. It is so good for your skin. It really nourishes it, puts back all the moisture, plumps, hydrates and smooths, all just in one use. You'll notice the difference instantly the next morning. I have used this pretty much every night this month, apart from a few nights when I stayed at a friends and I missed it so much! My skin just was not the same without it. I love and highly recommend this to anyone, no matter your skin type. My Sister also bought it after I let her try mine and she loves it equally as much! 

My next favourite is also a mask. However, this one is a clay mask. It is the Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment. 

I think this stuff is great! The name "clearing treatment" describes it perfectly. I broke out quite badly at the start of the month, along the side of my cheeks (due to what, I have no clue but my skin was really unhappy about something!) and this saved it. It was the first time I had used it since being gifted it for Christmas and I loved it instantly after the first use. This took down the redness, swelling and overall angry-ness of my breakout. I used it twice over a few days and the breakout was noticeably reduced. It didn't dry out my skin either, it was less harsh than some other clay/mud masks, yet far more effective. It also wiped out blackheads in one use, no problem at all.

It does that really cool thing where you can see where it has sunk into the pores, which is so satisfying to see. It is expensive, £45 to be exact but I really recommend it and will be buying the full size once my little tub has run out, my bank account will not be too happy but my skin will!

My red lip of choice over the last month has been The Body Shop Velvet Lip and Cheek stick in the shade Poppy Red. 

As you can tell by the name, these are a matte formula that pack a punch of colour. Despite being matte they are surprisingly comfortable and almost moisturising on the lips. I do, however, preparing the lips with a quick scrub and a layer of lip balm before using them or they could look a bit dry. 

As they are matte, they hang around for a good few hours before I feel the need to slick on another layer. I find this shade really wearable too. It isn't too bright and in your face but adds a really nice "pop" of colour to an everyday look. I have really enjoyed wearing it!

The Dove Moisture and Oxygen range has just been a lifesaver to my hair! 

Again, I have done a full review on the shampoo, conditioner and root spray here, so you can read that for all the details but basically, if you have fine hair, that doesn't do anything, you need this stuff! My hair is naturally very thin and flat but this completely changed it. It gives it so much body and volume it is unreal, whilst also being super light and airy. I love, love, love this range! By far one of my best beauty discoveries in a long time.

That is my favourites from the month of February! I hope you enjoyed having a little peak into all the things I have been loving recently. Let me know what your favourites are in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

Zoe x 

Disclaimer: I work for The Body Shop. However, all opinions about products from The Body Shop are 100% my own and do not reflect the opinions of those at The Body Shop. Any product given to me for staff sampling has been marked with an *. Any product from The Body Shop not marked, will have been purchased by myself, with my own money at a staff discounted price. All my opinions are completely true and honest. 

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