Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Cleansing Oil I Want To Eat..

Oh, look. Me again, talking about another cleansing oil. Are you shocked? I bet.
I am surprised I had not picked this one up sooner, as it is a popular one in the Blogger/Youtube world that has received a lot of hype in the past.

What am I talking about then?

None other than the Una Brennan Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renewing Cleansing Oil.


£10.99 for 200ml (But I got it on offer for around £7-ish. Woo, bargain!)

What I think

I find this super effective at removing makeup. It is a slightly thicker oil in consistency so it really breaks down and melts away everything.

I always enjoy using slightly thicker oils as it really gives the chance to massage them over the skin, this increases circulation and makes everything look a bit fresher and more alive. The consistency also makes the product feel very luxurious and you can really feel that is it a high quality, lovely oil.

Even though this is thicker I find it to remove just as easily as a slightly thinner oil and it never leaves any residue over the skin.

It is good at taking off eye makeup, too. Although I have found it is a bit.. strong for my eyes. I'm not really sure how to describe it. I don't want to use the word "irritates" or "stings" as it doesn't do either of those things but I can tell and feel that I have used product over my eyes, whereas with other cleansing oils, they do not bother my eyes at all. So just a warning if you have sensitive eyes, this might cause them to react. If you do have sensitive eyes, you can always remove your eye makeup first with a cleansing water, like Bioderma, for example and then go in with this for the rest of your face.

This cleansing oil leaves my skin feeling extra plump and moisturised! My skin always feels so soft and hydrated after this, it looks it as well. You can see it is visibly plump and supple.

Vitamin C is used to naturally brighten the skin by encouraging skin cell turn over, giving the skin and fresh, glowy appearance. You can see instantly, after one use, the natural glow this gives. It is really lovely. Perfect for anyone who has dull, dry skin or for anyone who just loves the "lit from within" look *raises hand*. I use it once to remove makeup and then again to clean and brighten my skin.

Oh, I should probably mention why I want to eat it (or should I say "drink" it?)..

It smells like oranges. Yes, oranges. And not a sickly, fake smelling orange either. It is a beautiful rich, mouth watering smell that I thoroughly enjoy smothering all over my face at the end of the day. I'd almost recommend it just for the smell alone!

I would 100% recommend picking up the Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Cleansing Oil for a budget friendly option that is genuinely a brilliant, high quality product.

I can easily see this becoming one of my all time favourite cleansing oils.

Have you ever tried this product before? Let me know what you think of it.
Or, is there another cleansing oil that I am missing out on?!

Thanks for reading.

Zoe x


  1. Oooo sounds good, you know how much i love the smell of oranges :) xx

    1. I was thinking about you cause I know how much you love oranges! It is really nice you should try it :) xxx