Saturday, 14 February 2015

DOVE Oxygen and Moisture Range Review

If you have fine, flat, limp hair (like myself) you'll know how frustrating it is. 90% if the time it resembles the hair equivalent of a deflated balloon. Or a pancake. Or anything flat, boring and lifeless. Oh, how I envy people with thick hair! 

What is even more frustrating though, is finding any products that actually deliver what they promise. "Thick, voluminous hair in seconds! Weightless hold.."
Yeah, yeah. For me, that usually results in "flat, weighed down hair that now looks worse than when I started." Help!

Until I recently came across this range that has been a serious game changer. 

The Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture range. Ohhhh my. I can confidentially say this is by far, the best hair care range I have ever used. Ever.

This is how Dove describe this range:

"Did you know? You do not have to choose between moisture and volume.Oxygen & Moisture is a new Dove generation using Oxyfusion Technology. This range, made with lightweight oxygen-fused conditioning ingredients, moisturises flat, limp hair while adding up to 95% more volume.* Our conditioner melts onto your hair and delicately smoothes without weighing it down. Enjoy beautifully bouncy and moisturised hair, full of natural volume."

I'll start with the shampoo and conditioner. 

Instantly, as soon as you apply it and rinse it out, you can feel a difference in your hair. It feels far softer and smooth to touch. Both the shampoo and conditioner feel very light and gentle. They rinse out easily too, leaving  no residue. 

I blow dry my hair but I wait until it has dried around 70% naturally before going in with a hair dryer, especially if I'm using styling products, as this makes them work better in my hair.

As soon as I dried my hair, I noticed a massive difference. It looked so full and voluminous. It had so much body and movement to it. I was blown away! I couldn't believe how good it looked with only one use. This was just with the shampoo and conditioner! 

My hair felt really light and fluffy. Not fluffy in the bad way, where it's frizzy and unmanaged. Fluffy as in weightless, light and bouncy! 

I loved how much movement it had as well. Usually, my hair is very flat and doesn't do much, even when you ruffle it around. But now, it is really springy and bouncy and has loads of movement to it! 

The next day, I used the Root Lift Spray as well.

Again, I waited until my hair was around 70% dry naturally, then sprayed this into my roots, roughly sectioning it off but spraying it in section by section. I used around 10 sprays, mainly focusing on my roots and crown area, rubbing it in quickly with my finger tips as I went along. I did spray a couple sprays further down as well, towards the ends of my hair.

Oh. My. Goodness. 

I instantly fell in LOVE with this product! It gave my hair even more volume and body, whilst giving it this incredible grip and hold to my hair that made it so easy to style. My hair instantly looked so full and thick, whilst still being completely weightless. It was amazing! 

I was really hesitant to use this as this it the kind of product that would typically weight my hair down and end up making it look oily. This really was weightless in my hair, it completely disappeared as soon as it was sprayed into my roots.

Basically, I just wanted to swish my hair around and pretend I was in some sort of advert on TV (which I may have done a few times *ahem*)

I am such a huge fan of these products! I am so happy I picked them up. They really are a total game changer! If you have hair like mine and you've tried every other "volumising" product out there and nothing has worked for you, please give these a shot! You'll love them. Also, if you're lucky and have naturally thick, full hair, tries these anyway! They'll probably make your hair look even more amazing (Lucky sod.) 

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