Thursday, 19 February 2015

3 Step Skincare Pamper

Having a skincare pamper does not mean you have to hog the bathroom for a good hour or so, slathering products all over your face. No no. This is my quick and easy, mini "pamper" routine I like to do when I'm either a) feeling very lazy but still feel my skin needs an extra bit of tlc b) do not have enough time for a full routine as I have my Sissy banging on the door waiting to get into the bathroom or c) it's late and I just want to go to bed straight after!

I start off, as always, by cleansing my skin. Whether I have makeup on or not. 
A good cleansing oil or balm works great for this for several different reasons. If you're wearing makeup, they take that all off in seconds. They feel much more luxurious than say a gel cleanser and also, they allow you to really massage the skin, so you can give you skin a quick mini massage as well. What is a pamper without a massage?
For this, I will use any oil or balm I have (which is a lot. Oops) but I would recommend The Body Shop Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil, Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Brightening Oil or Botanics Organic Cleansing Balm, to name a few. 

I then move onto a mask. I start of with something a little more "detoxing". If my skin is feeling clogged, gritty and just a bit yucky, I'll whip out a clay mask. One I have fallen in love with recently is the Glam Glow Super Mud clearing treatment. I have tried the Glam Glow YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate mask before and I was not overly impressed with it, this however, is a totally different story.
Super Mud is so effective at getting rid of congestion, spots, blackheads.. Anything you don't want on your face, basically. 
It leaves the skin feeling super clean and clarified, without being as drying or dehydrating as some other clay based masks. Why this is so perfect for a quick, mini pamper though is it dries really quickly. You can have this on and off in 5 minutes and it still works super effectively in that short time. It is also really easy to remove. You aren't then stood at the sink for a further 10 minutes trying to scrub it off. It is much thinner than most clay masks, so it is easily removed with a wash cloth or sponge. (For a cheaper alternative I really recommend the Una Brennan clay mask, which is also really effective.) 

The last step (there already?!) is a sleeping mask/ any hydrating mask that you can leave on the skin. You'll know if you've read my blog before that I am in love with the new Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask from The Body Shop. This product is perfect for a mini pamper as it almost has the benefit of 3 products rolled into one.
It gives the intense boost of moisture you'd get from a serum, as it contains hydraulic acid to lock in moisture. It is rich and nourishing like a night cream (but far lighter in texture) and then it is also a mask, so it leaves a thin layer over the skin that really plumps and hydrates. The fact it is a sleeping mask is perfect for a quick routine, as you just pop it on and your done. No need to get up and go back to the bathroom to rinse it off. You can settle down for the evening with a nice cup of tea and a relax, whilst it works away on your skin feeding it with nourishment and goodness. Perfect!

And it is as simple as that and you've been in the bathroom for a total of 10 minutes, max. 

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