Monday, 22 December 2014

The Affordable Lip That Will Survive Christmas Dinner

I wrote this post a couple weeks ago featuring the amazing but rather pricey YSL Glossy Stain. I talked about how this is the perfect lip for the festive season as it survives your Christmas Dinner, drinks, lots of chatting.. Basically all the things we do a lot of at Christmas time. 

However, the weekend after that post, I went out on my staff night out, wearing this affordable little lip duo that really stood up to the challenge. 

This long-wearing duo is from Topshop. The lip liner is the shade Deception (which I could not find on the website, sorry!) and the lipstick in the shade Twin.

Not only did I get a surprising amount of compliments on this glossy, berry lip combo, it also lasted fantastically throughout the night!

First, I applied the lip liner all over my lips. This made a really good, matte base for the lipstick. The formulation of this pencil is super soft and creamy, yet stays in place all night long, without feeling dry or uncomfortable on the lips. It is perfect!

The lipstick looks terrifying in the bullet but applies as a sheer, glossy berry colour. This adds a pretty gloss to the lip, whilst making the colour a little bit deeper. 

Swatches of the two:

A three course meal was no problem at all for this mighty little combo. All my work mates kept commenting on how well my "lippie was holding up!" and how pretty the colour was. 

I nipped to the bathroom at the end of the meal and did feel the need to re-apply a small amount of the lipstick on top again as I felt the shine had worn off slightly. However, there was no smudging or fading of the colour at all! If the formulation of the lipstick was matte, I probably wouldn't have needed to re-apply, it is just because it was a glossy formulation that it worn off slightly sooner. But overall, I was very impressed!

It also lasted fantastically for the rest of the night once we went out and had a few drinks (and received more compliments on it!). I did not feel the need to worry that it was smudged all over my face or worn off at all. I think I reapplied the lipstick one other time once we were out, for the same reason as before but that was all the touching up I needed to do the whole night. 

Okay, so that is my affordable lip combo that WILL survive Christmas Dinner (And the rest of the festive season!). 

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.

Zoe. x 

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