Wednesday, 19 November 2014

New Favourite Nail Polishes

I have picked up a few new nail polishes over the last while and every single one has instantly become a new favourite that I just cant stop reapplying! I thought I'd share them with you.

The Body Shop- Gorgeous Grey. *
The name says it all. A stunning grey with strong purple undertones. In the bottle it does not look like much but on the nails, wow. It's so so pretty. I sold 3 of these in one shift at work as everyone kept asking what was on my nails.

Essie- Urban Jungle. (I bought this in Boots but can't seem to find it online.)
Think of it as Fiji without the pink, instead with a more neutral/grey undertone. It is so pretty! An unusual colour, that again, people always compliment/ask what is on my nails. Great formulation as well, creamy, opaque in 2 coats, non-streaky.

The Body Shop- Almond Kiss. *
I liked this shade when I saw it but I was unsure how it would look on my hands. I didn't know if it was the right tone for me, if it would make my hands look dead and mannequin like. I tried it on in work one day and again, instantly fell in love.
It is really natural and clean looking on the nails. It has a very very subtle shimmer running through it that you can see in the bottle more than anything but it does show up on the nails in certain lights. 

Nails Inc for Glamour- Hanover Square
Now I know mentioning this one might not be fair but you can still pick it up in Glamour magazine for the rest of the month, so if you like the look of it, go grab it!
It is a beautiful, deep, rich berry shade. I just love it. It looks so stunning and elegant on the nails and is the perfect Autumn/Winter shade I was looking for. A thick, rich formula makes it opaque in 1 coat but I always go for 2 just to make sure. I can see myself with this on my nails right through autumn/winter! 

So there you have it! My new top picks in the nail polish category.

Thanks for reading!

Zoe x

 Disclaimer: I work for The Body Shop. However, all opinions about products from The Body Shop are 100% my own and do not reflect the opinions of those at The Body Shop. Any product given to me for staff sampling has been marked with an *. Any product from The Body Shop not marked, will have been purchased by myself, with my own money at a staff discounted price. All my opinions are completely true and honest. 

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