Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September Favourites 2014

I am making up for my lack of favourites over the last 2 months (Oops) as I seem to have found a whole bunch of new discoveries that I have been completely obsessed with over the last while.
Lets jump right in with my first favourite.

I bought the Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover. (I chose this because it was only £2.79, compared to £5 for the other brands. Pfft, no thanks. *cheapo alert*)

This is the quickest, easiest thing ever! Again, you'll all know how it works- you stick your finger in the pot, twist twist twist, ta-dah! Nail polish GONE.

It is great. I told myself I would only use it if I was in a rush or needed to take it with me somewhere to do my nails on the go (When does that ever happen? Like, really?) but I have been using this every time I do my nails. It is the ultimate lazy girl nail polish remover.

The formulation does not dry out my nails or leave a weird residue, which means I don't feel the need to have to wash my hands after, making it perfect for on the go.

YAY! Next..

The Soap and Glory Archery Eyebrow Pencil has changed my eyebrow game. It is awesome.

I have the newer version, the one that just has the pencil and is much smaller.

I picked up the shade Blonde-Shell and it matches my eyebrows perfectly. Up until now I had been using a L'oreal pencil that I was really happy with. It matched well, wore fine throughout the day and stayed in place but since switching over, I have now noticed it was a bit dark for me and I could easily make my brows look too harsh with it.

The Archery still makes my eyebrows defined but makes them look far more natural. The tiny little nib makes it so easy to fill in the brows and mock hairs by creating tiny little strokes. I am so impressed by it! I was going to purchase Brow Whiz by Anastasia but I am glad I didn't as I think this is a pretty good dupe for it.

I recently added a few more Tanya Burr lip glosses to my collection and I love the colours I picked up. I got them from for only £4-something as they were on sale.
I picked up the shades Exotic Island, Aurora and Afternoon Tea.
Exotic Island is my favourite out of the bunch.

 It is a beautiful, bright purpley-pink shade that really packs a punch. For a gloss, it is so highly pigmented that just one coat and lasts all day! All the glosses have a slightly thicker, creamier formula without being goopy or sticky. I love how easy it is to apply and you don't have to worry about it smudging or bleeding.
I re-apply it maybe once or twice throughout the day but if I don't it's fine, as it leaves a beautiful tint/stain to the lips anyway once it has worn down, so it still looks as if I've got colour on. Perfect!

I also have loved wearing the more subtle colours; Afternoon Tea and Aurora. They are pretty, girly pinks that just add a tint of colour. Aurora has a slight shimmer, whereas Afternoon Tea is completely cream. They are very similar in shade, Aurora being slightly more pink. They are both lovely and I recommend all three shades.

My next favourite has been doing a world of wonders to my nails recently. It is the Almond Oil Pen from The Body Shop.

I have noticed such a difference in the condition of my nails/cuticles (particularly cuticles) since using this regularly.

The brush application makes it so quick,easy and mess free to use. I simply brush the product round my nails and over my cuticles, rub in and apply a hand cream on top.
My cuticles have been so smooth and hydrated and they've stayed that way. I find with other nail oils/butters by the next day, I need to reapply as my cuticles look a bit dry again but not with this one. The hydration really does last for so much longer! I can skip a day and still have smooth cuticles.

The NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm is next up. Oh my Goodness. What took me so long to start using this? I purchased if from Escentual a good few months ago and it has just sat in my collection unopened.

I now have this in my bed side table and apply it every night before bed.
It feels so luxurious to apply as it is a super thick balm. It is so nourishing and moisturising on the lips that I can still feel it in the morning.
Despite being thick, it isn't greasy or goopy. It just melts onto the lips.

I have really been enjoying the Caudalie Grape Water.

I love spritzing this over my skin after toning (Acid tone, 'regular' tone, spray) as it is so refreshing and smells lovely. It is also nice to spray throughout the day if you're feeling a bit dull and need a little boost and refreshment.

Last but not least is a little candle. Yankee Candle in Salted Caramel is my go to Autumn candle. I love the sweet, warm scent and have completely burned through one already and have another one waiting to go. I really love sweet smells, so this is right up my street. If you do too, go and have a smell of this one!

So there you have it. My round of of products I have been loving over the last month! 
My next post should be another Save vs Splurge so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for reading!

Zoe x

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