Monday, 18 August 2014

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

I seem to have added another cleansing oil to my collection. I feel as if it is now my duty to try all cleansing oils I come across, the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil being no exception. 

This has quickly made it's way into my every day routine as I find myself reaching for it every night to remove my makeup.

It does what all good cleansing oils should do.. It removes all traces of makeup effortlessly, melting away everything. It doesn't strip the skin at all as it leaves it feeling plump, hydrated and comfortable. It is also free from all nasties that I avoid in all skincare products, yay!

What stands out the most about this oil is the way it removes eye makeup. It's effortless, a few gentle swipes and it's gone. It is also amazingly gentle on the eyes. I find that even with oils I can use on my eyes without causing any irritation or problems, after using them my eyes go all fuzzy for a few minutes after, I don't even get that when using this oil. 

I also love the consistency. It is a slightly thicker oil yet still feels so light on the skin and it doesn't leave any residue behind once it's been wiped off the skin.

This is a real winner in my books and has instantly gone into my top favourites for cleansing oils.

You can pick up the DHC Cleansing Oil from in a couple different sizes too.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.

Zoe x

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