Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hi-Tech Body Care

Okay, so maybe "hi-tech" is a bit dramatic but the products I am going to talk about really are a step up from your usual body scrub and moisturiser. 

I have a lot of uneven texture on my legs. This is caused my loads of little bumps under the skin, that start from just above my knee (They're the worst in that area) and go all the way down my legs. It looks like congestion you'd get on the skin on your face but I am assuming it is caused my little ingrown hairs, blocked hair follicles etc.. My skin is also very dry and dehydrated. Sounds great, doesn't it? 

It was really starting to bug me and my regular scrubs just weren't making the cut, so I went on a little mission to find a far more intense scrub- and I found the perfect thing.

This is the Nip + Fab Circulation Fix Body Scrub- containing glycolic acid. I knew straight away I was onto a winner!

I love glycolic acid and regularly use it in my skincare routine. This is an acid that exfoliates like a manual scrub but instead of containing physical little beads, it is completely smooth and works but nibbling away all the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. 
This scrub does also contain scrubby beads, which I am fine about as I don't mind using them on the skin on my body. 
Glycolic acid is one of the main ingredients (6th in the list to be exact) which means there is a good amount in there.

Basically, this is amazing. You use it like a normal scrub, on damp skin, in the shower. I really focus this above my knee, where the bumps are the worst. After you've stopped scrubbing you can then feel the glycolic acid tingling on the skin as it melts away all the dead skin cells, it is awesome! I like to let it sit for a few minutes to get the maximum effect of the acid, before washing it away. 

After, you skin is so smooth and soft. Everything also looks really smooth and evened out. I have used this about 5 times now and I have seen such an improvement. The little bumps are much smaller now and are practically flat. I can see them going completely within a few more uses! 

I am so impressed by this product and really recommend anyone try it if they aren't getting the results they want with their regular body scrubs. 

And then, if things couldn't get any better for my now super soft pins- I found the perfect partner to go along side the scrub!

The Nip + Fab Hyaluronic Fix Body Gel. Yup. 

So basically, hylaronic acid is another one of my favourite ingredients that I also use regularly in my skincare routine. 
What this does it helps to hold moisture and hydration within the skin. Think of it as glue- you apply it and then anything you apply onto is going to stick.
So if you apply this as you base and then layer a regular lotion on top of it, the gel is going to help that moisture sink in better to the skin and hold it within the skin, so the hydration lasts for so much longer and basically, works better. 

I wouldn't use this on it's own, as that would defeat the purpose, you need to layer another product on top. It goes really tacky and sticky, that is it ready to absorb whatever you apply on top of it. 
(For any Hydraluron users- it would be like just using Hydraluron without applying a moisturiser on top- defeats the purpose!)

So, I use this and then apply my Body Shop Shea Lotion as it is a nice light consistency as well. Together, my legs are so soft and moisturised for the whole day. I can touch them at the end of the day and still feel how moisturised they are, where as without the gel underneath, the moisture would only last for a few hours. 

I really recommend this duo as they work so well! They are also on offer at Boots just now for practically half price, which is amazing. 

I hope you found this post helpful and check these out for yourself!
Thanks for reading.

Zoe x 

Monday, 18 August 2014

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

I seem to have added another cleansing oil to my collection. I feel as if it is now my duty to try all cleansing oils I come across, the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil being no exception. 

This has quickly made it's way into my every day routine as I find myself reaching for it every night to remove my makeup.

It does what all good cleansing oils should do.. It removes all traces of makeup effortlessly, melting away everything. It doesn't strip the skin at all as it leaves it feeling plump, hydrated and comfortable. It is also free from all nasties that I avoid in all skincare products, yay!

What stands out the most about this oil is the way it removes eye makeup. It's effortless, a few gentle swipes and it's gone. It is also amazingly gentle on the eyes. I find that even with oils I can use on my eyes without causing any irritation or problems, after using them my eyes go all fuzzy for a few minutes after, I don't even get that when using this oil. 

I also love the consistency. It is a slightly thicker oil yet still feels so light on the skin and it doesn't leave any residue behind once it's been wiped off the skin.

This is a real winner in my books and has instantly gone into my top favourites for cleansing oils.

You can pick up the DHC Cleansing Oil from in a couple different sizes too.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.

Zoe x

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Why is Essie Fiji so pink?

I recently went to Boots to pick up a new bottle of my all time favourite nail polish, Essie- Fiji.

I love the super unique, almost white, baby pink polish. The "almost white" look being what makes it so unique and eye catching. 

But when I picked up Fiji from the shelf I noticed that it looked very pink. I checked the label, yup, "Fiji" was written on the top. I then thought it was because of the not very reliable lighting in Boots, so putting it down to that, I purchased it and off home I went.

I then compared it to my original Fiji when I got home and was rather shocked when it was indeed far more pink than the original. 

This then led to a lot of swatching and comparisons, looking at them in different lighting, inside, outside.. And going back and forth so many times on the matter.
"Is it more pink? Yes it so is! Or is it.. Nahh, not reeeally. No it so is!" And so on.. For quite some time..

The photos below do not show the difference as well as seeing them in person does but I thought I'd include them anyway. 

All taken in natural lighting with no editing/filters. 

LEFT- Orininal Fiji
RIGHT- New Fiji 

It then got to the point where I was looking at them so much that I just confused myself. So.. It left me no choice but to email Essie and get an answer for definite. This is their response..

"Thank you for your e-mail regarding Essie Nail Colour 14 Fiji.
Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Essie is committed to continuous research and development to improve the performance of our existing products and to bring innovative and effective products to the marketplace. This means that changes are made to our formulas from time to time. I can confirm that this shade has recently been updated.

I apologise for your disappointment and please be assured your feedback will be passed onto the relevant department."
Not going to lie... I wanted to cry.
I really have no clue as to why Essie would tamper with their most popular shade but not only that, take away what made it so unique in the first place! 
The "new" colour is still very pretty but it is now more just a typical baby pink, it's just not Fiji anymore! 
This post is basically just a warning that Fiji is no longer what it use to be and get hunting for some original bottles, I know I will be!
Thanks for reading and I hope you found this post helpful!
Zoe x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Exfoliating Toners

A post all about one of my favourite skincare products ever; Exfoliating Toners. 

What is an exfoliating toner?
A completely smooth liquid that contains ingredients known as AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). These include glycolic acid, lactic acid and fruit acids (citric acid). These provide the effects (actually, better effects) of "manual" (beady) exfoliators. 
So many brackets..

How do I use an exfoliating toner? And when in my routine?
You apply it like a "normal" toner. On a cotton pad and sweep over the skin.
You would use it as your second step in your routine, right after you have cleansed your face and then follow up with a "traditional toner". You can use an acid toner day or night.

Does it hurt?
No. So many people are scared to use exfoliating toners as the word "acid" sounds scary. Yeah, it does but there's nothing to be scared off at all. AHAs are designed to be used on the skin and are in a very small percentage in the product. 

What does it feel like?
When using an exfoliating toner, you may feel a slight "tingle" to the skin. This is the acid nibbling away all the dead skin cells. If you are using an acid toner containing salicylic acid, you may feel a slight stinging or nipping over blemished areas, again, this is completely normal. That is just the acid finding bacteria and killing it off the skin. 

However, if you feel a burning on the skin, discontinue use.

Sting/tingly = good. Burning = bad.

The intensity of the tingly feeling depends on the strength of the acid in the toners. Some are gentle enough to use every day, others are more concentrate and should only be used a couple times a week.

What skin types are acid toners suitable for? 
All skin types. The only one I'd be unsure of is super sensitive skins. Yet again, it would depend on the intensity of the toner, a super super gentle one should be fine but I can't say for sure. Everyones skin is different. 

Results of using an Exfoliating toner
Smooth, radiant, glowy skin. I absolutely adore the effects these toners give to my skin. They make it look so healthy and glowing! It also allows my makeup to apply really smoothly and for my skincare to work better as there's no dead skin cells blocking everything up. AHA's help to stimulate new cell turn over, resulting in an anti aging effect too, keeping skin looking fresh and young. They are also great for getting rid of blemishes and keeping the skin looking clear and radiant. 

Different toners I've tried 
I have tried a few different acid toners and thought it would be useful to compare them.

1. Clarins Gentle Brightening Exfoliating Toner- I LOVE this stuff. It's by far my favourite toner I've used. "Brightening" is definitely the best name for it. It makes my skin look so glowy and healthy. It's gentle enough to use everyday and still gives me the results I want time after time. I'm on my 4th bottle now. 

2. Pixi Glow Tonic- This is probably one of the most popular toners in the blogger world. It's very hyped up.
It is very gentle and suitable to use every day. Although, despite its name I find that I get more of a "glow" from my Clarins toner. It is good and gets the job done in terms of keeping my skin prepped and exfoliated. My sister, who has dry skin, loves this stuff and saw a huge difference when she started using it.

3. Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner- This is by far the strongest of the bunch! The first time I used this my face was tingling away like nothing else. I don't use this every day- it's far too strong. 
It is very effective and would be good for someone who is looking for a stronger exfoliation. 

4. Nip + Fab Exfoliating Pads- These are the cheapest and the most gentle of the bunch. They are so quick and easy to use as they are pre-soaked pads. I recommend these if you want to start using acid toners but are a bit hesitant. These get the job done but are a super gentle, so gentle you don't even feel a tingle from them! They are also nice for travelling as they are small and you don't have to take cotton pads and a bottle of toner with you too. Yay! 


You can also get exfoliating masks. These are much stronger and are designed to only be used once/twice a week. I have a couple..

Both these are pretty pricey coming in at around £30 each (Depending on where you buy from).
I'm not going to talk about these much, as personally, my experience with them hasn't been that great. I didn't see dramatic or even noticeable differences when using either of these.

I think that if you use a gentle acid toner every day, you do not need to splurge and buy an expensive mask. 

However, please do your research. I know both of those treatments are very popular and there are lots of reviews out there. This is just my opinion on them, it doesn't mean you wont enjoy them I know loads of people love these and claim them as their "holy grail" products. 

So there you have it! My post on the best skincare product ever. If you do not use an exfoliating toner please run out and purchase one now.. Like, right now!

Thanks for reading.

Zoe x 

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion REVIEW

You know, I really didn't think it was possible for there to be another Clarins toner for me to fall completely in love with but I was wrong.

I have recently added a third Clarins toner to my collection but not only that, straight into my everyday routine.

I was very kindly given a selection of samples from a friend to try and in there was 3 tiny 5ml bottle of the Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion. I wasn't sure at first as the targeted skin type was "dry/sensitive" neither of which describes my skin type but I tried it out anyway..

And LOVED it.

It's a gorgeous luxurious gel/lotion texture that gives an extra boost of hydration and moisture to the skin.

It doesn't feel thick or heavy and doesn't leave any kind of residue or coating over the skin. It just sinks in immediately, plumping up the skin and making it feel fresh and awake.

"Extra comfort" is the perfect name for it. It leaves the skin feeling so comfortable and plump that I feel like I don't even need any more moisture after applying (even though I do, obvs).

It really is just a step up for my usual Clarins Toning Lotion which is a more "basic" toner. It's great and does the job but this just gives something extra to the skin.

Despite, like I said, it being tailed for "dry/sensitive" skin I have no problems using it. It hasn't broken me out, felt heavy or too much for my skin or caused me to be/look any more oily. It's just LOVELY

It has definitely helped with the dehydration in my skin as well. It really helps to give it a boost of moisture from within, leaving my skin feeling supple and quenched. 

I can see this working a treat for all skin types as it's just going to sink in and plump everything up, leaving your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and comfortable. 

This is a real gem of a product and I'm so glad I had the chance to sample it as I probably wouldn't have picked it up otherwise.

Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion is £20 at most Clarins counters but you can pick it up for cheaper over on (Which is where I have linked to above, you can pick it up there for £16 right now!) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Pop over to your local Clarins counter and ask for a sample of this if you want to give it a try before you buy it. I'm almost certain you'll love it and be back for the full size!

Thanks for reading.

Zoe x