Monday, 9 June 2014

REVIEW: nSpa Skincare

Last night, on an emergency "I didn't know I was going to be staying at a friends house so I have no skincare with me!" trip, I discovered a few new skincare bits that I just have to share my first impressions on! 

I toddled down to the skincare aisle and immediately disregarded brands such as Nivea and Vaseline as I knew that they wouldn't be suitable for what I was looking for (and full of crap, ahem. *skincare snob moment*)
Then a brand caught my eye and I stopped to have a little look. 

It's called nSpa. I believe it an exclusive brand to ASDA. I was drawn in by the more simplistic yet pretty pastel packaging and by the fact it was a brand I had never seen before. 

I ended up picking up 4 things as it was on 2 for £8 (Which is a really good deal as most of the products were £6-7 anyway!)

I picked up:
- Melting Cleansing Gel £6
-Deep Hydrating Facial Oil £7
-Radiant Flash Serum £7
-Instant Blur Primer £7

I instantly looked for a cleanser to remove my makeup as that was the main purpose of this trip. There was two, the Melting Gel Cleanser and nSpas Micellar water. 
Like I said earlier I picked up the gel because a. Did I really need another Micellar water? And b. I kind of wanted to try something different. 

On the box, it is described as a:

"Luxurious gel that turns into a cleansing milk."

Hm, interesting. Tempted by the description I then checked out the ingredients... and was pleasantly surprised!

It was completely free from nasties such as mineral oil, sulphates etc. Something I expected to see in it as it was a gel (and a cheaper brand *skincare snob moment no.2*)
Instead it was full of plant derived oilsThe second and third ingredients are glycerin and vitis vinifera seed oil (grapeseed oil) It is also closely followed by citrus aurantium flower oil (bitter orange) and ginseng root extract. That is amazing!

The only thing that I wasn't keen on was there is parfum and it was quite high up the ingredient list, which could be irritating for more sensitive skin types. There is also alcohol near the bottom of the list, which isn't anything to worry about in this case as the volume of oils and glycerin completely cancels it out

(For any of you that don't know, ingredients lists go in order from highest to lowest. So the more of an ingredient there is in the product, the higher up on the list it is.)

So, how did it do?
Again, I was so impressed! 
I applied it to dry skin (that still had makeup on.) It started off as a thick gel. I massaged it over the skin for a few moment, giving it a chance to melt slightly onto the skin. It was nice and cooling and the smell was very pleasant. I then wet my hands and continued to massage my face. This is when it turned into the milk. It was very thin and light in consistency and moved easily over the skin. 
After massaging it all over the skin for a couple minutes, I took my flannel under warm water and proceeded to wipe the product away. 
It washed away so easily, not leaving any residue on the skin at all. 

I was very impressed so far. But now for how it made my skin feel after...

It was great! My skin felt so comfortable and plump. It did not feel stripped or tight in any way. I was expecting it to maybe feel slightly tight as this wasn't the usual oil/balm consistency my skin was use to but no, it was lovely. 
I also used it again this morning and it works just as well for refreshing the skin in the morning. Its great to use in the morning as it is so light and doesn't leave any residue, yet it is still moisturising enough. 

My next concern, after taking my makeup off, was then being able to get my skin some moisture. nSpa did have moisturisers available, both for day and night but they were creams and I prefer to use oils at night, just because I've found they have worked best for me and my skin is rather fussy with night creams, most of the ones I've tried in the past resulting in me breaking out and being a greasy mess in the morning (I'm looking at you Origins Make A Difference +... ) 

So I was very pleased when I saw a little facial oil. AND it was called the Deep Hydrating Facial Oil. Sold.
I love anything that claims to be hydrating to the skin as even though I have more oily skin, it is also dehydrated as well. 

So, again, after being very intrigued by the name, I checked the ingredients list, ready to be annoyed at familiar cheap and nasty ingredients printed on the label. BUT NO.

The FIRST ingredient being helianthus annuus seed oil (Sunflower Oil), the next being vulgare germ oil (Wheat germ oil: VITAMIN E!) 
There is also a seed oil called adansonai digitata, which is oil from a tree found in Australia, South Africa and Zambia. The oil gives of a beautiful nutty and gentle scent (Explains why this smells so good! Ill go into that later..) It is also super nourishing to the skin and is easily adsorbed. Its great for treating eczema and improves cells regeneration. Like, seriously, THIS amazing ingredient is in a £7 oil in ASDA! There's also another 4-5 plant oils in there also, that I won't bore you by listing but it's pretty amazing!

I almost collapsed on the floor. I was so shocked! Such amazing quality ingredients and in such high amounts! I was so impressed. I immediately decided I needed to have it. 

And as for how it applied.. 
I put it on straight after I washed my face. It was a more dry oil. This will be great for anyone that wants to use a facial oil but doesn't like the feel of oil on the skin. It was super light in consistency and I only needed a few drops to comfortably cover my whole face. 
The smell was lovely. It was so pleasant and comforting and I could continue to smell it on my skin all night. It wasn't a fake, perfumy smell. It was natural smelling without feeling like you've got dirt or grass on your face. (You know what I mean, natural smells aren't always the nicest.)
That will be down to the adansonai digitata oil that I mentioned earlier. 
It also sunk into the skin really well. I applied it at about 9.30 and by 12 it was completely sunk in, leaving my skin feeling plump and nourished with no greasy residue left over. SO. AMAZING.

Next up is the Radiant Flash Serum. I tried this this morning.

 I took it out of the packing and was instantly put off by the fact the actual product is shimmery.

 I applied it to the back of my hand first to see how it felt/looked after. It did leave a rather strong golden shimmer behind. I decided to give it a go anyway.

I applied this to a cleansed and toned face. I used one pump and patted it all around my skin. It was very light and thin in consistency and had a nice smell (Little theme going on with these products I think, so not complaining though!) 
It sunk in really well and became tacky on the skin, very similar to how my beloved Hydralouron serum applies! I then applied my normal Caudalie moisturiser on top and zoomed in close to the mirror to see if I looked like a disco ball. Annndd... I didnt! *yay*. 
The shimmers that you see in the bottle do not transfer onto the skin. They maybe would if you were to apply a more generous amount, however, one pump was a perfectly sufficient amount for my skin. I even went and stood out in direct sunlight and there was no noticeable shimmer. 
My moisturiser sunk in straight away and it honestly felt like I just had my Hydralouron on! My skin looks just as fresh and glowy and feels just as moisturised and plump. Another winner by the looks of it!!

The last thing I picked up is more of a makeup item, as it is a primer. This is the Instant Blur primer. I giggled when I saw the name. Definitely have to compare it to my No.1 InstaBlur primer, hah!

What this claims to do is: "smooth and perfect skin tone by making it more even and give a more youthful appearance." It also aims to reduce the appearance of large pores and minimise shine.

When I first applied this, it came out super watery but after a good shake that wasn't an issue (I think it has just settled from sitting on the shop shelf for a while.)

It does contain silica, which you can feel as it does have that slight slip to it, yet not as much as other primers. I feel like this is more water based. 

I applied this to the skin using my fingertips (As I always do with primers.) You can see it smoothing out the skin tone and taking away any excess shine in areas, without making the skin lifeless and completely matte. I noticed the biggest difference on my cheeks. They looked more smooth and any pores I had in that areas were reduced and filled in (Similar to the effect the POREfessional gives!) 

However, I felt like the more I blended this onto the skin, the less it did. I felt like it started just blending away to nothing! This might be because I'm use to thicker feeling primers, I'm not sure. 

It did however allow my foundation to apply nicely, I used my Gosh CC cream. I like that it didn't effect the application of the foundation, as in the past I have tried primers that have made my foundation hard to blend or look cakey. But this one didn't do that.

My only issue with this is the consistency. I just want it to feel like its doing more. Like I said earlier, I feel like it blends away to nothing on the skin if you work with it too much.
This would be great for someone who didn't have a lot to cover up and just wanted something to use as a nice and simple base for their makeup because it is lovely and light on the skin! 
The overall look is lovely, natural and perfected. 

So there you have it! Some completely unexpected skincare gems! I hope you found this helpful and try these for yourself. This is just my first impressions, I shall continue to use them (obviously) and report back if my opinion changes on anything! 

Oh, p.s- sorry for being ridiculous excited in this post. I just couldn't help it! 

Thanks for reading!

Zoe x

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  1. great review! i've been looking at getting the cleanser and the primer and I think you've convinced me too! x

  2. Great review, I recently bought the serum and after scrutinising the ingredient list, I'm very happy with this little bargain serum. And also SO happy the glitter didn't show under my make up!! X

  3. That you so much - I'd seen this in Asda the other day and wasn't sure what to make of it but you've really sold me. I'm going to go out and get some later :)

    1. Aw that is great! I hope you like them as much as I do :) Thanks for reading and commenting. x

    2. I got the melting gel cleanser and the facial oil and so far they've been really excellent! Thanks Zoe :-)
      Sara x

    3. Aw that is awesome! I'm so glad you like them :) x

  4. Hi Zoe, I was looking for a nice budget product and ur review just made my day. Apart from this i want to ask u that why my skin is looking so polished , brighter and glowing after using facial oxygen bleach? Thanx in advance.

  5. Hi Zoe! Great review! I do like their products quite a bit as well. I randomly picked up their mud mask sometimes ago and I really loved it! It has a nice smell to it and my skin always looks more clear after I use it (plus it can be used to treat spots!). I will make sure to get these products that you reviewed as they sound amazing. Most importantly this brand is cruelty free and uses so many natural ingredients for a generous price, and it does not upset my skin.

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