Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Skincare Rules (Do and Don't)

This is just a list of my personal skincare do's and dont's that I follow. I'm not saying you should follow them too yes I am but it could help if your struggling. 

Skincare DO's

  • Do double cleanse your face- Once to remove makeup, another time to actually clean your face
  • Do use oils/creams/balms on your skin- Key to super nourished, hydrated skin. It will also balance out oily skin types.
  • Take the time to massage the skin- another reason why balms/oils are amazing, gives the chance to massage the skin. Gets the circulation flowing and removes toxins.
  • Use a facial massager- again, increased circulation, removes toxins and its just fun to use.
  • Layer moisture- skin NEEDS moisture, don't be afraid to give it to it. Oil cleanser, moisture mask, night oil. Lovely. 
  • Wear an SPF daily- either through makeup or skincare (I prefer makeup)
  • Be GENTLE- its your skin
  • Give your skin time to adjust to a new routine/product- it takes around 28 days to see the final results of a new product or routine
  • Layer masks- detox, followed by moisture etc. 
  • Have a suitable, stable routine and STICK TO IT- Every. single. day 
  • Know your ingredients- what to look for, what to avoid, what works for you.
  • Buy the skincare over the bag. Trust me. You've only got one face and the bag will be out of style in a few months anyway. 
  • Get to know your skin- Its type, condition, problem areas, what works for you, what doesn't. Only you can know your skin and what it is really like. This will also help a great amount when looking for skincare/talking to consultants about skincare etc. 
Skincare DONT's

  • Don't use anything foaming/containing sulphates- This strips down the natural protective layer on your skin (acid mantle, made up of sebum and sweat, mmm..) leaving your skin in a stage called alkaline. This is a breading ground for bacteria, the skin will also produce more oil as it has all been stripped away and you'll get more spots. Sound good? Didn't think so.
  • Scrub at your face with harsh beady scrubs- this is your skin, not the bathroom floor. What are you scrubbing for? Be gentle. 
  • Use blackhead removing strips- who's up for ripping their skin off, causing broken capillaries and redness? Yaaay- not me. (You'll also just leave a nice big hole for bacteria to climb into and have a party.)
  • Use face wipes- Just.. Just DONT. Clean your face properly, please. 
  • Put Vaseline ANYWHERE near your face (or your body, for that matter)- NO it does not clean your face, or make your eyelashes grow longer or help your lips for that matter either. Its cheap, nasty, pore blocking grossness. AVOID.
  • Aim for "squeaky clean". Your face should not "squeak" and if it does-you should be worried.
  • Think just because its expensive and the lady behind the counter told you its her favourite, that it's good. Know your ingredients! (Also, not saying don't trust the counter ladies, they're there for a reason, just know what works for you.) 
  • Only slap on a mask once a week and wonder why your skin isn't great- Really? Come on. 
  • Again, only use your "10 in 1 does everything moisturiser" and wonder why your skin isn't great- and again, really? 
  • Speaking of moisturiser- don't worry so much about it. Its your protective layer, what goes underneath is what counts. If you've got a good cleanser, toner, serum (at least) you can slap on any moisturiser (that is free from nasties and suited to your skin type OBVS) and be fine. 
  • Use anything that makes your skin feel "tight". See the first point, that is what has happened. Get rid of it and use something else.


  1. I really like your blog and this post was great!

    1. Aw thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it.