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Facial Oils

Facial oils are a product I love and recommend everyone use. Good quality, plant derived oils will provide amazing results for your skin and can help with a variety of different skin problems from blemishes to scarring.
Most people avoid using oils on their skin for the fear of causing breakouts. As long as the oils are plant derived and natural, all skin types will love them and see huge benefits from using them.
I have three I want to talk about and compare today. They range from affordable to more high end but are all pretty amazing products.
Now, I'm not talking about cleansing oils, no no. Those are "wash off, makeup removing" type products. Facial oils are "leave on the skin, in place of a moisturiser" type product.

I apply these oils at night, instead of a night time moisturiser. Simply because I think they work better, give more moisture and have much more natural and beneficial ingredients in them. Plus, my skin finds them easier to absorb and work with. 

I'll work my way from High to Low in terms of price.

Okay, so we start with Kiehls and their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, a cult product in the beauty world. This product comes in at £36 for 30 ml. So not cheap. But it's worth it.

I've talked about this products before and the lovely natural essential oils that are in it, it's packed full of them. You've got jasmine, lavender, primrose and Omega-6 fatty acids and a bunch more.

It's a very good quality product. You can tell a lot if work and research has gone into it, along with all the Kiehl's range. It's a very trust worthy, quality brand. 

This provides moisture and nourishment to the skin on the surface and down to the deeper levels of the skin. I also find it's great for reducing blemishes and redness, which is what I use this oil for the most. It's the one I turn to if my skin has had a mad moment and decided to break out. 

It's the most oily in consistency out of the three, which sounds weird, you'd think all oils would be oily but some are lighter and more "dry oils". This is a straight up oil.

Like I've said in previous posts when mentioning this, I don't know what it is about it but it just works. 
Your skin feels super soft and plump in the morning, with no residue left over on the skin. Everything just looks better and far more clear in terms of redness and blemishes.

Your spots will not have vanished over night or anything but you can tell that it's helping to heal and reduce them quicker, in a gentle and kinder way to the skin. Much better than using alcohol filled spot removal treatments: *yuck* 

A really lovely one to try if you fancy a skincare splurge.

Next is the Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil from The Body Shop. You'll get 28ml for £12. Very reasonable. 

Seeing as this is from the Vitamin E range it's main focus is to replenish, repair and protect the skin. 

This has got the highest concentration of Wheat Germ Oil than any other Vitamin E product from TBS, this allows it to provide strong antioxidant protection. 
It works on restoring and repairing the skin cells not only on the surface of the skin but deeper down as well.

This oil is much lighter/thinner in consitency, making it very light and easy to absorb on the skin. It sinks in beautifully and in the morning your skin looks so fresh, a result I find with all Vitamin E products. You can tell your skin has been given what it was lacking.

I wouldn't say it worked on reducing blemishes as much as the Kiehls does but if your skin needs a pick me up and you want it to look fresh, plump and healthy then this is your guy. 

Last but not least, is my newest (and cheapest) discovery. This is the nSpa Deep Hydrating Facial Oil. Coming in at a whole £7 for 50ml. Bargain.

I featured this in my last post and just couldn't wait to mention it again as I'm just so impressed with it.

For £7, it contains the more beautiful, amazing quality ingredients including vitamin E and sunflower oil, all at very high amounts.

This oil is by far is lightest of the bunch. It sinks in within a few hours. I also love the smell of this one, that's something that really stands out to me with it. It's got a lovely natural, nutty smell that stays around on the skin the whole time you've got the product on. This is due to some of the ingredients but there is also some artificial perfume in there too, something to look out for if you suffer from sensitive skin. 

I use this for a similar result to the Vitamin E oil as it too has a high concentration of Vitamin E in. It doesn't claim to work on healing blemishes or anything but it's for hydrating the skin (as the name would suggest) which is something I always need. 

The super light consitency allows it to get working on that immediately, as it sinks down into the deeper layers of the skin quickly. You can feel in the morning that it has given your skin the drink of hydration it needed over night as your skin will feel supple and plump to the touch, again with no greasy residue left over. 

Overall, I love and recommend all of these oils, it just depends on what your skin is looking for. 

Kiehls = For targeting spots, redness, blemishes, whilst still giving the skin moisture and nourishment.

The Body Shop = For plump, juicy skin that looks youthful and fresh. Also keeps the skin healthy and protected against damaging toxins due to the use of antioxidant vitamin E.

NSpa = Simple hydration and moisture in a light consistency (with a lovely smell, mmm.)

If I'm honest, if you want an oil that is great quality, works on fixing a bit of everything and has the least chance of causing breakouts (if that is something you are REALLY worried about), I'd go for the Kiehls. I know that it's expensive but it really is worth it. It's great quality and all round, does everything! Even though it's £36, one bottle will last you for MONTHS! You only need 2-3 drops a go and don't even have to use it every night if you felt you didn't need to. You can always ask for a sample too, which is how I got to try mine and ended up purchasing the full size. 

Okay, I think that's everything I want to mention in this post. I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful. Keep in mind, as always with skincare, that everyones skin is different and it's about finding that works for YOU.

Thanks for reading! 

Zoe x

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