Tuesday, 13 May 2014

REVIEW: InstaBlur primer by The Body Shop

I have been waiting for weeks and weeks to finally get my hands on this product! We got sent a tube to try out in work and I practically took the whole thing home in sample pots, I just loved it that much.

It is InstaBlur. This is The Body Shops newest primer that claims to have be a "five action perfector" of the following:

  • Shine Controlling 12h
  • Reduces appearance of pores
  • Blemish Hiding
  • Complexion Unifying
  • Make-up Extending
And I'll just start by saying I LOVE THIS.

First of all, it's different from any other primers I've tried. Typically, primers come in a cream/gel form and have a very "slippery" texture to them. This is caused by an ingredient called Silicone that is found in most primers. It's great because it glides on to the skin yet the skin is able to breathe through it, therefore not causing congestion and blocked pores.

InstaBlur however, is slightly different. First of all, the texture is much thicker and it's more stiff in consistency. It's hard to describe, you'd have to go and have a play with it yourself to see what I mean. It also doesn't have a super slippery texture to it like most primers, although it does still contain silicones. This might appeal to a lot of people as I know some hate the feeling that silicone gives (I really don't mind it!) 

Texture comparison:

Left to Right: Benefits POREfessional, Smashbox Photo Finish, InstaBlur.

Hopefully you can see from the above photo how different InstaBlur is in comparison to other primers. The other two are far more creamy and liquidy, where has InstaBlur is much stiffer, and holds it's shape more when it comes out of the tube.  

When applied to the skin it blends on so nicely. It really does feel like it's doing something and the results are INSTANT. It completely mattifies the skin, without making it seem dull and lifeless. It just gives a flawless, satin finish. It completely smooths everything out, filling in any fine lines and uneven texture on the skin. It works best blended in with your finger tips as like I said earlier, the consistency is slightly thicker so it really needs to be worked in to the skin.  

Secondly, it makes makeup apply so nicely. You can really feel it helping the foundation stick in place. I do find that I have to take a bit more time to blend in my foundation when I've used this underneath but once it is blended the result is amazing. InstaBlur gives a much more flawless look to the skin. Your foundation will look so much smoother and even. I also find it's really easy to build up coverage in any areas you need it, as like I said it really helps it to stick in place.

InstaBlur helps foundation wear even better throughout the day . My foundation doesn't slip off in any areas apart from maybe right at the end of the day in my slightly more oily areas but that is so be expected. But overall, it keeps oil at bay, stopping me looking too shiny throughout the day.
Also, my skin still remains glowy looking, as the primer doesn't take away the dewy effect of my foundation which I really like  as I don't like a completely matte finish to the skin.
(There's a difference between too shiny and glowy.)

Who is it suitable for?
Everyone. It's completely clear in colour making it suitable for all skin tones. The unique texture also makes it suitable for all skin types. It mattifies oily skin yet and would glide effortlessly over dry skin, smoothing over any dry patches.

Overall, I just looove this product and highly recommend it! It's so good that when I ran out of my samples I had taken home I actually couldn't go back to using any other primers and stopped wearing one as I couldn't face using any other. That's serious (and slightly dramatic but y'knooow.) 

You can pick up InstaBlur for £14 in The Body Shop from the 20th May.

I hope you found this review helpful and go and give this little gem a try! 

Thanks for reading!

Zoe x

Disclaimer: I work for The Body Shop. This product was given to me for staff sampling. All opinions are 100% honest and my own and do not reflect the opinions of those at The Body Shop. 

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