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Disappointing Products

I try out a lot of beauty products and as you can imagine, not all of them are a success. This blog post is going to be about some of the products I have purchased that just haven't worked out for me. Sorry to be a negative Nancy. 

Okay, Ill start with..

Benefits Hello Flawless Powder Foundation in "Ivory"

I got a sample of this in a mini kit from Benefit and loved it! It gave a really smooth, flawless finish to the skin, the only problem was the shade in the kit was a shade or so too dark for me, so I went to the Benefit counter to be matched and buy the full size. I don't know why but this one just does.. Nothing. I feel like it gives NO coverage and just does nothing for my skin.

 I can build it up but still get no pay off. I also find that any product that does actually show on my skin is when its sticking into my pores and making them look 10x bigger. Greeeeat. 

Next up is also a foundation. Revlon Nearly Naked.

I bought this because it was very hyped up in blogs and on YouTube and everyone seemed to love it and had something good to say. Me, however.. No. No matter HOW I use this its just a streaky mess! I've tried brushes, my fingers, sponges.. Everything! And nothing can make this blend nicely. I've also used it with and without a primer underneath but again, no difference. Really disappointed with this one! 

Next is the Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo.

Now this isnt exactly a BAD product, in fact, its very effective at giving your hair a refresh and taking away excess oil. However, its just SO MESSY! 

As it is in a pure powder form and in a bottle, you've got to try and tip the product out into your hair and it just gets everywhere. It's also AWFUL if your wearing dark clothing because you will leave the house looking like you've had a bag of flour tipped over you. I went out for dinner once in a dark teal blouse and was mortified when I got out of the car and discovered that all along the collar/shoulders of my blouse was COVERED in white powder. Not a good look. If this was in better packaging it would be great, however its just not worth the hassle. 

This Works Deep Sleep Balm is next.

This is a product I had wanted to try for ages, as I love anything that is meant to help you sleep. Again, I had heard about this quite a lot on the blogger world and finally decided to pick it up. My main problem with this is IT STINKS. Im sure it is meant to smell like lavender and all those lovely things that help you sleep but to me, it smells like our Hemp hand cream from The Body Shop, which is an amazing product but it smells horrible! Not something I want to be rubbing onto myself as I am about to go to bed. Yuck. 

Next is Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil. 

This does nothing. Like, literally nothing. It's meant to soften and moisturise the cuticles and nails to keep them in good condition but for me, I would apply this and a couple hours later my cuticles would be dry again. I even made sure to get into a routine of using this every night before bed (Along with my gross sleep balm, that didnt last long though.) and even then, it made no difference. I've had much better cuticle products for a fraction of the price that work so much better than this one. 

L'occitane Hand Cream is next. 

This is such a popular product. Its contains 20% shea butter in it as well as lots of other skin nourishing goodies. However, for me, this is just far too greasy. I can only use this at night when Im going to bed and know I don't have to be picking up things or using my hands because I cant stand the greasy feeling of this. It is nice and nourishing but again, I feel like I've used other, cheaper hand creams that have given me the same, if not better results without making my hands feel like a grease ball. 


Soap and Glory "Glow All Out" hightlighter.

Highlighter? You cant even see it on the skin! In the pan its a really pretty pinky peach with a golden shimmer running through it and when you swatch it, the colour shows up well. 

Its when you actually apply it, you get no colour pay off. Maybe it's just because I like a more intense highlight but this isn't even subtle, its undetectable. Wah.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints.

Im so upset because the two colours I have in these I LOVE. A super fun cobalt blue and the most gorgeous baby pink. However, the formulation on both of these is pretty dreadful.

Ill start with the blue (which is called Blue Grape, if you're interested.) 

I found this was really thick and not in the "nice, opaque one coat and go" kind of thick but the gloopy "Has this gone bad??" kind of thick. It was hard to work with. Too much on the brush was a disaster and too little was impossible to spread and apply. I eventually got it to work and the end result was so nice, I love the colour! Its just the application was so difficult and time consuming. I havent worn it again, just for that reason. 

Now, as for the pink..

It was so thin! This is by far the most awful, streaky nail polish Ive ever worked with. It was impossible to get an even application as it was so runny and streaky. I actually painted my nails and took it off as the end result was still such a mess that it was driving me mad. But again, the colour is sooo nice that it annoys me so much how awful the formulation is. 

Origins Make A Difference Plus +

This broke me out. Very annoying for a £30 moisturiser. Wah. I am assuming it was just too rich for my skin. I wore it as a night cream anyway, as I do have oily skin and didn't want anything that heavy for throughout the day. When I'd wake up in the morning after I'd applied this, I was greasy and had a few spots. I felt like instead of being absorbed into my skin, it just sat ontop of it and blocked everything up. No, thank you. I've passed this onto my Sister who has dry skin so hopefully this will work for her and not be a complete waste of money. 

LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub.

Is it just me or does this make your lips more dry and flakey AFTER using it?! I feel like this just loosens all the dead skin on your lips without actually scrubbing it away, so after my lips are MORE flakey. Looking at the ingredients as well it doesn't actually have any moisturising or nourishing ingredients in it, so you are just drying out your lips. Its just sugar with some food colouring and flavouring in it, in a cute little jar. Tastes nice though!

Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade.

WHY did I buy this shade? I love all the rest of the lip butters, I have quite a few and think they're great, its just this one shade that looks pretty awful.
For a start, its a milky blue toned baby pink, a colour that tends to look good on, hmm.. No one. 

And second of all, unless you have perfectly smooth and I mean PERFECTLY smooth lips, this will pick up every single dry patch and the colour will cling onto those patches and really exaggerate them. It looks bad. Really, really bad. Avoid this shade, as for the others, go wild! They're lovely. 

Phew..Okay. I think I've ranted on for long enough now. I hope this was helpful and gives you a warning of some bad products not to spend your cash on. 
And always keep in mind that something that doesnt work for me, might work great for you! This is just my personal opinion that Im sharing. 
Again, sorry to be negative but I always like reading these posts and find them really helpful as it's great to know what products are amazing but equally as helpful to know what ones aren't. I've got a couple of reviews coming up that will balance out all this negativity and give you a heads up on some amazing new products that have just come out! I'm excited.

Thanks for reading!

Zoe x

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